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What is GROW?

Originating in Australia in 1957, GROW has developed into a worldwide Community Mental Health movement.
It consists of a network of mutual-help groups, which meet weekly. In these meeting people learn to understand the factors which promote mental health and what steps they can take themselves, along with friendly help and support, to overcome such problems such as phobias, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and loneliness.

Who Needs GROW?

GROW believes that it has something to offer to everyone. Many people join a group looking for friendship and support, particularly if they have been struggling alone with their problems.
The group meeting allows people to share their difficulties and fears with others who have been in similar situations.
Quite a few people live in isolation. Loneliness can be a big factor in depression and fearful thinking. A GROW group provides genuine friendship and GROW's philosophy states that 'friendship is the special key to mental health'. If you just feel apathetic about life, unsure of your direction, 'stuck in a rut', or just plain fed-up with things, GROW offers a sound philosophy of life that gives meaning and purpose to living.

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