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Welcome to the official web page of the Mayo Branch of the Irish Soccer Referee's Society. Here you will find how to become a referee and test your knowledge of refereeing in our trivia section. Also try the links page for other soccer and referees related sites.

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To become a member contact:

Aidan Nevin (Hon Sec)
60 Lakeshore Drive, Castlebar    Tel: 094-22784.

Hon Sec: Aidan Nevin
Treasurer: Michael Cresham
Chairman: Harry Loftus
Jimmy Cawley
John O Brien
Liam McEntee
James Donohoe
Jim Leonard
Philip Redmond
Kevin Reilly
Pearse Concannon
Martin Roughneen
Pat Foley
Jimmy Blake
Hugh Rooney
Mick Walsh
Ben Arthurs
Gus Alexander
Sean Gilligan
Jason Kenny
Christy Moran
Dave Cooney
Stephen Winters

Notice Board

Branch Meetings are in Dalys Hotel the Mall, Castlebar. On the last Tuesday of each month at 8.30pm.

We wish to thanků

Fitzpack Cartons Ltd. Mayo tel. 0907 30808.
Westaro Hosing Ltd. Mayo tel. 094 31332.
Daly's Hotel. Tel. 094 21961.
New Ireland Assurance. Tel. 094 21544.
Mayo Roller Bowl, (movies, karting) tel. 094 25473.

For their support

As the Mayo Soccer season is over (SUMMER SOCCER) and only a few Connaught Cup and F.A.I. Jnr Cup games remaining we would take this opportunity to thank the Mayo League for their hard work through out the year. We would also like to thank the Clubs and the Castlebar Information Age, for their foresight in making this communication system more accessable.

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What action could a referee take if he found out that an assistant referee was unreliable, inefficient or biased?

Ans.: He may dispense with his services.

During a match a team disagrees with a referees decision and walk off in protest. After several minutes the players cool down and express a wish to restart the game. Should the referee now restart?

Ans.: Here he should use common sense, if they walk off for several minutes it would be wise to abandon it, however he must send a full report to the appropriate authority.

The referee is struck by the ball, which temporally stuns her; the ball rebounds and enters the goal. Should the goal be allowed to stand even though she could not see it?

Ans.: Unless she has a neutral assistant who has seen the goal clearly she should not give it. She should restart with a drop ball.

As the game is about to start the referee sees a player who is under suspension. Should he be allowed to play?

What colour should ass. Referee flags be?

After signalling for a goal the referee sees an ass. Referees flag is raised. He is informed that a player was off side interfering with play, what should he do?

The answers will be revealed when this site has been updated.

Last updated on Monday, 7 February 2000