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The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Our  Mission


The society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a Christian lay voluntary organisation, working with the poor and disadvantaged .Inspired by  our principal founder, Frederick Ozanam, and our patron, St Vincent de Paul, we seek to respond to the call every Christian receives to bring the love of Christ to those we serve in the spirit of the gospel message:


"I was hungry and you gave me to eat"



No work of charity is foreign to the Society. We are involved in a diverse range of activities characterised by:


Support & Friendship : Through person to person contact, we are committed to respecting the dignity of those we assist and thus to foster their self-respect. In the provision of material and other support, we assure confidentiality at all times and endeavor to establish relationships  based on trust and friendship.


Promoting Self-Sufficiency:   We believe it is not enough to provide short-term material support. Those we serve must also be helped to achieve self-sufficiency in the long term and the  sense of self-worth this provides. When the problems we encounter are beyond our competence, we build bridges of support with others more specialised.


Working for Social Justice: We are committed to identifying the root causes of poverty and social injustice in Ireland, and in solidarity with the poor and disadvantaged, to advocate and work for the changes required to create a more just and caring society.   




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Castlebar Area Council

094 -23207

email -

Working with those in need for over 80 years

Assistance to families: Money Advice and budgeting service.

Help for Children:

Social and Sheltered Housing:   St Martins, Garryduff, Castlebar

Special visits:      Sacred Hart Hospital and Mayo General Hospital   

Special Services:    Women's Refuge, Breaffy Road, Castlebar

Retail shop:             SuperValu Shopping Center. Castlebar. 

Furniture Store:      Pavilion Road. Castlebar.



Society of Saint De Paul 


An epidemic of cholera in Paris in 1832 killing hundreds of people each day. A young student Frederic Ozanam walking through the Mouffetard Quarter of Paris soon became deeply moved at the plight of the families who had been left without any support of their breadwinner because of the epidemic of cholera. In April 1833 Frederic Ozanam and some colleagues set up the first Conference  and decided to take St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660) as  their patron because of his caring attitude and charitable work. It wasn't long before the good citizens of Paris took note of the charitable work of the students and the membership grew to over one hundred and became necessary to split the conference into three separate units and other conferences set up in other parishes around Paris. In the first ten years the society had spread to 48 other cities in France and Italy and a membership of 9,000 members. Some years later the society reached Ireland and England and eventually spread to the United States of America. In Ireland today  there are over 1,000 Conferences  and  over 12,000 members. The Holy Rosary Conference Castlebar, was founded in 1920

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Who Can Join the Society of St. Vincent De Paul

Anybody who has some spare time (2 - 3 hours a week). Either by home visitation or special works to assist the less fortunate members of the community, offering support and friendship. The Saint Vincent de Paul work primarily involves person-to-person contact who have a variety of needs. Do you think that you might be able. Would you like to help. We need more young people to get involved. If you need more information contact the National Headquarters  No.8 New Cabra Road, Dublin 7  Email:

You can contact the Castlebar area office 094-23207 or email  



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Nationwide Offices

18 O'Connell Street
Phone: 0902 92610
Fax: 0902 93577



224 Antrim Road
Belfast BT 15 2AN.
Phone: 02890 351561
Fax: 02890 740522
Teeling Street
Co. Mayo.
Phone: 096 72905


Pavilion Road

Co. Mayo
Phone: 094 23207




84 Parnell Street



Phone:065 6824188


2 Tuckey Street
Phone: 021 270444
Fax: 021 270644
Jocelyn Street
Phone: 042 9339056
Fax: 042 9329548


Ozanam House
Augustine Street
Phone: 091 563233
Fax: 091 567591
Hartstonge Street
Phone: 061 317327
Fax: 061 310320
Ozanam House
Bishopsgate Street
Phone: 044 43868
Fax: 044 43179
Ozanam House
John Street
Phone: 071 60713
Friary Lane
Phone: 066 7128021
Fax: 066 7120800
Ozanam Centre
Henrietta Street
Phone: 051 73128
Fax: 051 841341


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Castlebar Conferences

  • Holy Rosary Conference founded in 1920

  • Sacred Heart Conference founded in 1964

  • St Mary's Conference founded in 1967

  • Saint Martins Conference Founded in 1975


Short History of the Castlebar Conference

Supplied by Columba Faulkner National Headquarters


Conference of Our Lady of the Rosary, Castlebar.


On the initiative of our zealous, earnest and energetic Spiritual Director Rev. Geoffrey J Prendergast, C.C. the above Conference was formed on the 10th May, 1920, when it immediately commenced to function, and was aggregated on the 6th September, 1920.The Conference is composed 14 active members, all young men and 17 honorary members. The attendance at meetings of both active and honorary members has been satisfactory, as has their attendance to Quarterly communion. The work of the former in regard to visiting the poor families in their homes and their attendance to the spiritual welfare of our clients, is most encouraging. At each of our quarterly meetings a member has read a paper on some subject to make our proceedings interesting for the honorary members and visiting clergy. The average number of families on our books is 40, comprising at least 160 persons, the weekly grant in kind is varying from 2s.6p to 10s., and the number of visits to over 1,500.Thanks to the kindness and charity of the local cinema proprietors, we organised two cinema entertainments, the proceeds of which netted 105-16s-4d., and quite recently the Christian brothers Boys gave dramatic performances for our benefits which augmented our funds by 53-7s-6d.

Owing to exceptionally severe winter, the scarcity of fuel and its prohibitive price, we decided to purchase 38 worth of turf, which we distributed among the poor families in addition to the ordinary assistance. This was much appreciated and brought a further ray of comfort to many of them. We also collected some clothing which, enable some of our poor to attend Holy Mass who could not otherwise do so. Another feature of our work has been the distribution and placing on sale in the Church, of Catholic Truth Society's literature and publications, which we believe are doing an amount of good among Catholic families in our parish. Early in our career we were honoured with a visit from the President of the Council of Ireland, and much of our success may be attributed to the kindly advice and helpful instructions then given by him.  The first president of the Holy Rosary was Mr. J Egan. Ellison Street, Pioneer Hall. In the first year 271.9s.9d was spent in giving relief to people and 753 visits made.


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Castlebar Area

     Presidents and Vice-Presidents 

This section is still under research 

We would like anyone who would have any information on the past Presidents of the Castlebar conference or any family member who may have been a member of the society. Please contact us the Castlebar Office 094-23207 or by email:  even the smallest piece of information will be of help. 

Mr. J Egan  (RIP) 1944

Mr. M. J. Egan. (RIP)

Mr. J Tynan

Mr. J Fitzgerald

Mr. S O' Reagan



Mrs. Heverin

Mr. Danagher

Mr. T Brett

Mr. J Courell

Mr. J Heverin



Mr. J J Mc Gowen

Mr. M Kilcoyne

Mr. D King

Mr. P Flynn



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Retail Shop

Our retail shop is located at the SuperValu shopping center  Castlebar. We have a large  selection of new and almost new Men's, Women's and Children's clothes and footwear. Call in and have a look.

 Shop opening hours 

( Tues - Sat 9.30 - 4.30)


Furniture Store

Located at the Pavilion Road. Where we have a large selection of some new and second hand furniture.  If you have any items of furniture that you would like to donate contact the main office (094-23207) and we will arrange to have it collected.

(Opening hours ( 9.30-1.00 / 2.00-4.30.  Mon-Fri).


The Florin Fund

A valuable source of income is the annual contribution from the staff of Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland through the Florin Fund which was set up in 1942.



  Mayo Women's Refuge and Support Services

A joint undertaking between Saint De Paul Society and the Western Health Board 

>>>>>>Women's Refuge<<<<<<

Click on link above for more information

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