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Kevin McDonald
Another Week in Africa
By Kevin McDonald
9, Apr 2010 - 15:42

Hi Folks

Last Friday morning while on a long foot patrol, I was scrambling up a rocky ridge to a nice summit south of our camp in Goz Beida in Southern Chad.

By lunch time I had stomach pains and was admitted to our Medical Aid Post and at first light dispatched in a MI 8 helicopter 200 km to the main UN Military hospital in the Force HQ in Abeche. There at 1130 am the Norwegian surgeons kindly removed a rather ripe appendix. I was in hospital for two days and was then deemed ready to head back south. It could only happen to me, and am back in Goz Beida now, walking around showing off my 'war' wound!!!

On a Rocky Outcrop

I am attaching another 'action' shot of our recent soccer match versus the local team, it certainly does not resemble a wet, windy Saturday in Castlebar.

Soccer Match in Goz Beida

We were appraised during the week that our involvement in this mission is coming to a close and we will be tasked with taking down this camp, packing it into approximately 200 containers and shipping it home. Needless to say that will be a serious task to accomplish before the advent of the rainy season in mid May but we are getting stuck into it.

Camp MINURCAT as viewed from the air

All the best for now
Take Care and God Bless

Kevin Mc Donald
OC Recce Coy
102 Inf Bn

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