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Great Wheel of Mayo
9, Apr 2013 - 20:54



The film documenting the making of a replica spinning wheel on site at the National Museum will be shown in the Museum's A/V room at 4pm daily. The film last c. 15 minutes.

The Spinning Wheel project - Folk Fiction: Identity, Skill and Creativity - was launched at the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life on Saturday 6th April. The creative concept of the project was the work of artist Gareth Kennedy, whose exhibition 'Folk Fiction - Translations in Material Cultures' continues at the Museum until next Sunday

Artist, Gareth Kennedy, Castlebar's Men Shed, Mayo Arts Squad and Willie Creighton of Craobh Eo, came together to share skills and creativity in the making of a replica of a spinning wheel that is on display at the Museum. In just few weeks they worked together to make a traditional Spinning wheel of the type once used in Mayo. A key element of the project was the use of IKEA furniture as the raw materials.

The groups selected to make the spinning wheel because of its local significance in contrast to IKEA furniture. IKEA being one of the biggest distributors of furniture world-wide. The National Museum is delighted to host this project as it makes better known the objects on display and brings them to new life. A most important element of the project was the collaboration, exploration and the sharing of the many skills needed to make the object. The process was an inspiration to watch as the group took on the challenge of the technical skills needed in making of the spinning wheel, and rediscovering for a new generation the science behind the working of the spinning wheel. There was a real beauty of seeing the finished wheel being used to spin wool. The icing on the cake from the project concept point of view was the spinning with wool shorn from an IKEA wool rug.

The film documenting the process was made on Super8 film.

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