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How the Mobile Protection Chip works
MPC Mobile Protection Chip™ protects you from the harmful effects of magnetic fields created by mobile phones, computers, TV, microwave ovens and electronic games.

It uses nine carefully selected natural gemstones, containing nineteen common elements, which synergistically attract to themselves the magnetic fields, so protecting you from their harmful effects.

Our bodies are composite magnets themselves, with positive and negative polarities and their own magnetic fields. How they respond to the magnetic environment is complex and this response is heavily distorted by devices such as mobile phones.

However, we do know that physical symptoms occur when the body’s magnetic field has been disturbed or damaged. Many of these symptoms pass quickly, but there remain many unanswered questions about the possibility of deeper and more lasting effects that at present, are largely invisible and undiagnosed.

Directions for use
To use your MPC remove the protective backing and affix to a clean, dry surface on the face of your mobile phone, computer, TV, Microwave oven or electronic game.

MPC is compatible with all types of Mobile phones and has no adverse effects on transmission, reception or battery life.

MPC has been assembled by hand at our factory in order to maintain the delicate balance of the gemstones, which it contains.

Provided MPC’s acrylic dome is not damaged in any way, protection will continue indefinitely.

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