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Radioathon Unplugged
By Johnny Oosten
17, May 2012 - 17:38

CRCfm 48 Hours Of Non-Stop Broadcasting

Last week 14th-16th May 2012 Johnny Oosten, Rita Scott, and Gary Browne completed 48 hours of nonstop broadcasting.

This idea came about when we heard that Chris Moyles of BBC Radio 1 held the record of 52 hours, so with this information we decided to make contact with the Guinness Book Of World Records and attempt to beat Mr Moyles and his team.

We received all the paper work and all the rules and regulations that go with a world record attempt, put them in place and sent paperwork back with the agreed dates.

So why did we not go and attempt 52 hours? One month before we were to challenge this record we received a call from the Guinness Book Of World Records in London telling us that Chris Moyles (BBC Radio) record, was beaten and the new world record was now held by a station in Russia..72 hours. At this stage we realized for us it was we decided to go with the rules of a 5 min break every hour and try for 48 hours. With this attempt you are allowed to save your 5mins for e.g.....6 hours = 30min etc.

We want to thank all who supported us including our back up team who made this possible, the general public for all the support, all our guests, and to the thousands of people who emailed us from all over the world to wish us well and urged us to keep it going....
We also want to thank our sponsors for all their kindness.

In the coming weeks we at CRCfm will be broadcasting (Radioathon Unplugged) highlights from the broadcast which will run for one hour.


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