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The Joan Geraghty Show
4, Nov 2009 - 14:00

Joan Geraghty presents a weekly Monday Lunch-time show on CRC, 12.30pm - 1.30pm  (repeated on Sunday evenings 17:00-18:00, which features items on lifestyle, fitness, business and the positive side of life. Joan herself is very much a positive thinker, having become a marathon runner after taking up running at 40 and going on to write two books on the theme, 'Anyone Can Run' and 'Fit For Success'. A freelance journalist, Joan now teaches people to type with her express 3-hour touch-typing course, 'Fitness Typing' - suitable for all levels from beginners up.
On her weekly lunch-time shoe Joan chats to people with stories to tell about success in life, work and business and coping with the ups and downs of modern living and the many demands on our time. She also has a resident Agony Aunt in the form of a professional  counsellor, who helps listeners approach any issues with a balanced state of mind as well as a fitness expert and personal trainer, who regularly offers listeners tips and advice to motivate them in health and body.
A key area in the show is the business of networking, and Joan presents a series of items on effective networking and how to use it to continually grow your business, in association with one of Ireland's leading networking experts, Sandra Hart.
Contributors are always welcome to Joan's show and anyone with an interesting story to tell - especially if it carries a positive message to help others stay motivated and driven to create new and challenging goals for themselves on their journey through life - are invited to contact Joan directly, either on her e-mail, or via CRC on 094 - 9025555.

Joan Geraghty is author of 'Anyone Can Run' and 'Fit For Success' and publisher of the on-line monthly fitness magazine, She is also a touch-type tutor with Fitness Typing, offering a 3-hour crash course to suit beginners and two-finger typists.

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