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Tá obair ealaíon le feiceáil ar ábhar Oíche Shamhna

Seo cúpla pictiúir ó Ranganna 5/6


Ar Dheis: Fuinneog maisithe ag Naíonáin Shinshireacha Phádraig


Here are some pictures taken at the Halloween Mask-making workshop in The Museum of Country Life in Turlough.
Bhain Ranganna 3 agus 4 an-taitneamh as an turas (2002).
Thanks to Brendan and Tom.




The House From Hell

It was Halloween night and the full moon was out. Three of my friends and I were having a sleepover at my house. We were walking down the path in the cemetery. When we got home we decided to have a game of dares.
First I was dared to go down to the haunted house but then we all decided to go to the haunted house. When we got there we said we would wait for no longer than an hour.
Twenty minutes were up, I decided to explore the house.
It was very big. When I got upstairs all the doors were left open except one. I put my ear up to the door. I heard some sort of wheezing. I thought I was just hearing things. I started to go downstairs when I was on the first step I heard a muffled cough. I went back to the door.
I opened it and there was a man tied up in chains. He had long scruffy hair he was covered in blood.
When he saw me he said "RUN FOR IT, IT'S NOT SAFE HERE". I started to run down the stairs, I saw some sort of mummy, he had lumps of skin missing. He was running after me. When I got down to where my friends were I shouted at them to run. Ellen was tying her shoelace. Catherine and Sally ran outside. I roared at Ellen to get up. It was too late, the mummy had grabbed Ellen. Ellen was screaming. She got one hand free and she gave the mummy the biggest thump I ever saw. We all managed to get out. The man tied up in chains, nobody knows what happened to him.


By Fionnuala ní Chuinn

An Chailleach Ghránna

Cé a sciobann uainíní ?
Cé a sciobann na gamhna?
Cé a sciobann coiníní.
Is a thagann Oíche Shamhna?

"Mise, mise, mise."
A deir an chailleach ghránna
Agus sciobfaidh mise tusa
Má bhíonn tú dána.

Ní bheidh mé dána, a chailleach ghránna!
Ní bheidh mé dána, a chailleach ghránna!"


Cé a itheann péistíní
Am bricfeasta (is cupla frog)?
Cé a shiúlann ar na seilidí
Mar go bpléascann siad go bog?

"Mise, mise, mise!"
A deir an chailleach ghránna
"Agus siúlfaidh mé ortsa
Má bhíonn tú dána"

Ní bheidh mé dána, a chailleach ghránna!
Ní bheidh mé dána, a chailleach ghránna!"

The Haunting

It was Halloween night and the full moon was out. Katie and Tom went out trick-or-treating. T hey met a lot of friends along the way including - Karen, Todd, Shauna, John and Mike.
The haunted house was just down the road from where they were and they were eager to go in. Finally, they made their way in the back door as quiet as could be. When all of them were in, they walked into the hall and set their eyes on a chainsaw-with blood all over it. "That's it," said Tom. "I'm going. NOW" He thought he was going to get out but he was wrong! When he turned around there were chains crossed over and back on the back door and they knew the front door wouldn't open, no matter what they did. They all knew that they were in for a long night.
They tried so hard to get a safe room but nothing turned out right. First they went upstairs. They all thought they would stick together but that was the first thing that didn't turn out right. When they got up the stairs, they realised that Tom had disappeared. They called him many times, but all they heard were screams coming from all around them. There were six of them left so they decided that they would split up into two's and come back in a half an hour, but that didn't turn out right either. Todd was with Karen, Shauna was with Mike, and Katie was with John.
When Todd went into the room with Karen they searched from top to bottom and Karen found a secret passageway. Well that's what she thought. She pushed the door and it was pitch black. Karen stepped in and suddenly Todd saw her drop down into a hole. Todd shouted for help but it was no use. He couldn't open the door and he was trapped.
Shauna and Mike were searching everywhere - even the closets. They had no luck either. "Hey look" said Mike. "I haven't seen this door before" He opened the door and they both walked in. They thought they had found a safe place, but they were very, very, wrong. They stood there in amazement looking at all the clean paintings and the bright light, when suddenly the door closed, the lights flickered on and off and the windows opened letting the wind gush in on them. They couldn't get out no matter what. They tried and tried to open the door for ages and by this time, the half hour was up.
There was still Katie and John. Nothing happened to them. They were waiting at the top of the stairs for minutes that seemed hours for them. "Oh what will we do?" asked Katie. They decided they would look for the others. They walked down the dark hallway when they passed a door. They heard shouting and they recognised the voice. It was Shauna and Mike. At last the door opened but they still had Todd and Karen to find. They stuck together and continued walking down the hall. "Help me, Help me" they heard. They ran farther as the voice was coming from the end of the hallway. They knew it was Todd. They pulled and pushed. Silence. The door opened like a new door and Todd ran out of the room. They made their way downstairs. The chains were off the door. They ran to the back door and ran to Katie's house. There was a search party sent out the day after for Karen and Tom but no evidence was found. It has been years since this happened and Tom and Karen still haven't been found, and no-one knows what happened them.

Caitríona Ní Mhurchú
Rang 5

Rang 3


The Haunting

One night my cousins and I were staying in my uncle's house. A storm
arose and the wind was howling outside . We could hear screams coming from the basement and we saw a ghost in the closet. We went downstairs into the kitchen following the screams coming from the basement. We opened the door to the basement and could see a light at the bottom of the stairs.
A few hours earlier my cousin James went missing. My cousin and I went down the stairs it was too dark to see where we were going; I said to Peter go back up and get a flashlight. Peter came back with two flashlights. He had brought a weapon it was a shotgun. I took the shotgun and I said I would go down first. When we got to the bottom of the stairs I saw a bit of the wall open, Peter said lets get out of here suddenly we saw something move under the stairs, it was my cousin James under there, I said what are you doing there? No time to argue said Peter, come with us James. Look over there said James we all looked over and saw the wall move. A voice from inside said come in please. We went into a long passageway where we could see bodies with their heads cut off. The passage was very narrow, when we got to the end there was a stairs going up .When we got to the top of the stairs , I noticed we were in a garden shed, where there were tools, we looked out of the window and down on the graveyard and gas station, zombies were coming towards us Peter said lets head back so we turned to go back but there was no stairs, so I said Peter, Tom take the chainsaws quick, so they took the chainsaws. We headed for the door and we ran out.

Conchubhair Ó Dubhghlas

Páistí ó Rang Nóirín


The Ghouls

Ooh! The ghouls and ghosties scare
In the dead of night
Who knows what is lurking there?
To give you a fright!
The banshees and the vampires scream
In the forest dark
'Til you see the bright knife gleam
It is not a lark!
The witches with their cauldrons clean
Flying through the sky
Everything out on Halloween
It would make you cry!

Saileog (Rang 5)

Naíonáin Shinsearacha


The children were afraid -
Simply afraid of old Nelly.
"Nelly Mulcahy" their parents would say,
To draw them away from their long-winded games.
"She'll getya" they'd roar without a thought.

And the children all nod and Nelly is sought,
They find her and pelt her with scissor sharp stones,
Until she lays shivering uttering moans
You'll find the parents to blame at the end of the day.

Saileog. (Rang 5)

Fuinneog i Rang 5
One day Jane and Harry were on their way to their uncle's funeral at the graveyard. After the funeral they returned to their house, had dinner and went out to play. When they came in from playing they went up to bed. Then weird things started happening. The bodies in the graveyard started rising from their graves. They headed towards Jane and Harry's house. They walked through the door up the stairs and into the bedroom. They took Harry and left the house.

In the morning Jane found Harry's bed empty. So she went to the graveyard because Harry loved the graveyard. She brought her dog Spot with her. When they got to the graveyard the dog started barking over a grave. Jane started digging but she didn't know why.
What happened next do you think?


Fuinneog i Rang 5
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