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These are scans of photos taken in 1988 - a momentous year for our own school and St. Geralds as the De La Salle Centenary Celebrations were held that year. The boys in St. Patrick's, in particular David Walsh, Killian Murphy and Brendan Raftery have worked hard scanning the images in the following few pages. Our apologies for the long download - images on all but one page - last one - have been kept small.

If you wish us to send the full size image to you - we can certainly do that - just send an email to noting the name and number of the photo (right click on the photo and go to "Save Picture As" - you will then be able to see the name and number that we used when uploading the photo) and adding a few lines on any particular memory you may have of those celebrations. That's your homework assignment! We will forward the full scan by return email.

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My own particular memory is of an incredible camping trip we had the day before the official De La Salle Centenary Class photographs were taken - the ones that included in the centenary book. We waited for guaranteed sunny weather, planned a basketball match against Carnacon, Justin Conlon got the tents, Mark Basquille provided the bread, Jason King the barbeque and so on - total cost of camping trip was zilch. Ciaran O'Loughlin's dad and Shane Heverin's dad helped with the transport and barbeque. We played basketball against Carnacon school which was great, followed this with football in the lake at Moorehall and finally, well we thought it was to be finally, we had the barbi. Gerard Mullahy was intent on telling ghost stories all night - so there wasn't much sleep - what a night - a gang came down to the lake the following morning at six thirty as I was going to shave - we spotted a deer crossing the road as we returned to the tents. We had to rush back to Castlebar for 11 o' clock (photos) and stay in school for the day after that - I remember that there were at least a dozen who found it very difficult to stay awake in class that day. Now let me add your memory........
Adrian Keena