Cyprus Weekend

"Yippee" I shouted with joy when I was told that I had won a weekend in Cyprus by Eddie Hobbs, I jumped into the air with excitement. I was allowed to bring 3 friends. We would be flying into Nicosia and would stay in a highly rated hotel in Ayia Napa. Our teacher told us all about the nightlife but we thought we'd rather swim by the pool.
As I woke up in the morning I decided I would look around the island. First we rented a few dodgy quad bikes and then we went on an extreme banana boat ride, which was brilliant. Next we went to a huge water park and on the biggest slide, which was 110 meters high Niall fell of the top and landed on his belly into a pool.
After we cleared Niall's accident we decided we'd go and see the nation's capital Nicosia to see all the sights but soon after we decided sightseeing wasn't our think so we had a look in the shops. When I was buying a Turkey jersey the noisy shopkeeper asked me where I was from and of course I said Ireland and the whole shop stared at my in a very scary way. I started to walk at of the shop very fast. Soon when I got back to our apartment I realised it would be my last 24 hours in Cyprus I decided to go to Ayia Napa, as I was going into the foam party, but suddenly I see Mr.Devaney and decided to make a legger for it but as soon I can say "sugerlumps"Devaney has caught me by my hood and tells me to go back my apartment, he went into boogie. So the next morning I packed my bags and said goodbye to all the staff of the hotel and had 1 last swim in the pool. It was time to say goodbye.

Shane Dolan

Goodbye to the Field

Today the builders came to our school. The builders fenced the middle yard up for safety reasons, which meant all the children came into the senior yard. Luckily for us the junior children have breaks at different time, which meant no major collisions with other children. Right now I want to be in 5th class because I will able to play sports on the field when it's finished. I really hope the pitch is finished by the end of the year.
Last Friday Mr.Devaney kindly let us spend all day on the pitch, as it was the last day before the builders came. Soccer was the first sport we played and it turned out to be a brilliant game. Shane Decided to do a dirty tackle, which landed him a sin bin. Throughout the day we had fantastic games of Gaelic, Tag-rugby and hurling. Near the end of the day we played sumo wrestling. I was wrestling against the heavy weight champion Killian. I managed him to push him out in the first round but after that he won easily. I really enjoyed that day even though I was knackered.
I have a lot of memories from the pitch but the best one would have to be the first sports day. When we took it so seriously, but at break time we started messing and five years ago Eamon still has that habit "Ha." Another memory was cross country when David Bell was coming last and then just jumped into a puddle. But the one I will always remember last Friday. But now I will remember it as "Good Friday."

By Joseph Redmond

The Time

I was in my new house. There's a forest beside our house. One day my dad told me to go to the forest for sticks. It was cold and dark outside. I was shivering up my legs ad arms. When I got 30 sticks.
Suddenly I heard something. I heard a stick breaking and I heard someone moving. Suddenly my eyes got watery and I couldn't really see. I saw something it was an animal or was it human. He had shinny eyes with brown hair and red blood on his jacket. He was looking straight at me. He had
Claws. Big claws I ran. Branches were hitting me.
He got my legs. He cut off my skin. I was bleeding like a runny nose. Suddenly I saw my mum and dad DEAD! On the ground. I started to cry. I loved my mum and dad. Suddenly I saw the crows were drinking my blood and biting me. I knew it was my time. I let my spirit free. I fell to the ground. The animals ate me and bit my bones. Now I will never see my wife again.
The End

By Rossa Glancy

Santa Cluase,
No. 1,
Reindeer Road,
North Pole


I'm really not pleased with what happened last night. I ran down stairs this morning & I was shocked. Beer cans, sherry bottles, vodka bottles & decorations… all smashed up, broken or flung wildly in different places. So after what seemed like an age of sweeping I pounced wildly on my gifts, ripping of the wrapping…. So to add insult to injury as I stared disbelievingly at these gifts… what were they?! you ask…presents for a girl! Barbie, My Little Pony?!! Fine if you have a sister! So, this year you bloody well make sure I have the right presents!!!
Very sincerely

Our Clay Heads With Several Coats of Paint

Our Halloween Masks Made Out Of Paper Mache.
Our Potraits of Our Friends
One Of our many Perspective
Our Class doing Orienteering for Active Schools Week

The other afternoon, our class was divided into groups, and we all set off for our orienteering game! It was very good for getting fresh air and putting your mind to the test, so it was making us healthier, and maybe more intellectual! We received a clipboard, bibs, and the all clear to head across the school. Lorcan and Joshua were in my team. We worked together, which was one of the main targets in the first place. After we had collect all our letters and numbers, and began to unjumble them, as they all finally came to a conclusion - "World Cup 06"! It was a savage day - sunny and good craic! I guess that if you just take it easy and stick together, you won't miss out!

By Killian Glynn