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We set out from base camp with the four of my friends, Bertie Ahern, Eddie Hobbs, Mary Harney and Pat Rabbitte. We hiked up the icy mountain trekking in three feet of snow. Bertie was losing his oxygen and Pat gave him some of his. As we marched up the cold, miserable mountain Eddie was driving us crazy with his did you know? And How much? Then it began to get windy and it started to snow. After a few seconds we were struggling to move because the wind was pushing us back when Mary broke her leg. We debated what to do with her and Eddie said we should stick her in a trolley
outside A+E. We finally decided that she could hobble along on one leg [no Luas up here]. When we were out of the snowstorm we saw a few footprints. Could there be more people climbing? We glanced at them cautiously but they weren't any ordinary footprints. There was fur sticking out of them and the footprints were about 30cm long and 13cm wide. This is getting creepy, we said to ourselves. Mary was getting cold and could barely feel her fingers, she had frostbite. Suddenly Mary disappeared out of vision. 'She must have fallen behind,' said Pat. 'There's no time to go looking for her now,' I said. 'She's a goner, 'said Eddie gleefully as he thought of the few euro saved on our food bill. As we walked on our oxygen was running out, so we had to move quickly.' How much were the oxygen barrels?' said Eddie.' €10 each,' replied Bertie. Oh No! Here he goes again. Did you know you could get four barrels for €25 in Casey's, that's €6.25 each a total saving of €3.75 by four. Look over there, interrupted Bertie, there's a big furry thing over there. Take out your gun Pat. BANG! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. You've shot it Pat. 'Oh No!' its Gerry Adams. Luckily Pats aim is as bad as his policies and he's not fatally wounded.' Thank god for that!'I nearly had a heart attack!' said Pat. Only one bullet left, Good-Bye Eddie Bang! No! Tell…. My…. Wife…. to..go….to….the…cheapest…funeral…home.
to….buy…my…coffin, she could make a grand saving of €200. Pat when we've finished climb I'm going to buy you
five pints in Fagan's, cheered Bertie. Look we've reached the top, stick in the Irish flag. Now how many pints do I owe you Pat? Fagens here we come.

The End
By David Faulkner


A Day in the Life of a 50 Cent Coin
By Cian McGowan

A dazzling, bright light shone from the roof of the till. A mammoth, fat hand reached in, rummaged around the coins and pulled me out. 'Here's your change Tom' said the chubby shopkeeper to the man. I was handed over to the man.
The man placed me in his pocket. It was wet and had crumbs of crisps in it everywhere. I noticed that there was a small hole in the pocket. It looked like it led to nowhere so I didn't want to fall into it. The journey was very bumpy and I felt as sick as a dog. OH OO!! I had fallen into the hole!
It was even darker than the pocket and it was much scarier. I finally came to a soft but rather smelly landing. I looked around and found out that I was on the top of his shoe and the smell was coming from his feet. I fell off the shoe and onto the ground.
It had been a long time since I was on the ground and I could see that it wasn't going to be long before I was off again either.
A skinny, brown, fly-ridden hound dog was strolling along without a leash. He licked me with his long, soaking wet tongue. I was drenched. He was about to bite me but his owner came to the rescue and picked me up. This man was slightly taller than the one before. He had dark hair and was wearing a knitted, green jumper. The man wiped me with his snotty handkerchief, and put me in his wallet.
The wallet was half torn apart and was made of some sort of cheap leather. He placed me into a pouch. In the wallet there was my filthy granddad two euro, my slightly less mucky mother one euro and my stainless cousin twenty cent. We had lots of fun in the wallet telling jokes and scary stories, until it suddenly became beaming bright again. We soon realised that we were at a magic show.
The man was picked to come onto the stage. The magician, Keith Barry, instructed him to give a coin. When I heard this I started to hop up and down with excitement hoping that the man would pick me to be his coin. I tried to get to the top of the pile of coins so that I would have better chance of been picked. Soon the hand reached in and slowly felt around for a coin and to my surprise he picked me. He put his tacky wallet back in his pocket and handed me over to Keith.
The stage was pretty small but the lights were blinding . 'I am now going to make this coin bend' announced Keith to the audience. He slowly started to rub his thumb and index finger on me but only for around two seconds. He was also with his other fingers taking an already bent coin into my position and put me in his sleeve. The audience were amazed but I laughed at how stupid there were. After the trick Keith gave me back to the man who I was with before the trick.
I was having a great day nothing could go wrong now. Could it?
After the show the man went to a pub just like any average man would. He bought a drink and gave me to the bartender who then put me in a till. This till was much bigger than the one in the shop earlier on. It had a red roof and glow in the dark stickers on the walls. It wasn't long before I was taken out of the till again and given to a young boy.
This boy was small even compared to me! He had blonde hair and a really pointy nose. The kid started to bite me with its razor-sharp, yellow teeth. He couldn't break me though, as I am as strong as a brick wall. The kid was making his way over to his mum. He handed me over to her with a disappointed face. Phew I hated the child and I thanked the Lord that I wasn't in his hands anymore!
'Thanks dear' mumbled the mum as she read her magazine. 'Mum is there any chance I could get some pocket money now?' asked the blonde headed kid. Please say no I was repeating to myself. I certainly didn't want to spend any more time with him any more. 'Of course you can darling' the mom replied 'here's two euro' Yes I wasn't being made pocket money for the kid. 'O wait here's another fifty cent that you can have!' NOOOOOOO!!!!…


The Magic Rug

I marched into my room in a fierce rage. I sat on my bed and noticed the hideous, dusty rug under my feet and mumbled 'for god sake, what a woman!' and suddenly the carpet rose and I could see a well detailed world map and below it was I will fly you anywhere you desire in big bold letters. I thought for a while and then decided to go to Candyland. I got up on the rug and in an instant we were there. I saw lollypops walking around like posh people all dressed in their fancy liquorice and toffee. They think there all that, but they re not. Afterwards I saw the most adorable,chubby bear so cute I could eat it so I ate it. I didn't have to go far before I caught sight of the richest ,chocolatiest ,sweetest toffees ever. There was a whole shower of them. I asked them were they a gang ,they replied yes and they said they're name was the tofia. After I ate them all I went back to the rug. It took a while to get on and the rug could hardly lift me. When I arrived home I walked into the living and my mom inquired about where I was and I replied Candyland she claimed there was no such place and she quizzed me and asked me did I know how long I was gone for, I said about a day,no she replied, a week

Vesuvius eruption

I was sitting at home playing my PSP when my friend phoned and informed me that the council had blown up the old toy factory and he wanted me to help him to explore the ruins. I jumped at the idea and was out the door in a flash. We rummaged for hours and found nothing but then a shiny blue stone caught my eye. I grabbed it and all of a sudden there was a sound like thunder. The next thing I knew I was in Rome, Pompeii. I figured because Vesuvius and I had a funny feeling that something bad was going to happen. I had just reached the market and was making my way over to the blacksmith when suddenly the ground started to shake. I looked up and saw black smoke bellowing out of vesuvius' giant mouth. The whole market place came to a standstill. I turned my head from the direction of Vesuvius and saw look of horror on every face in the market. The next thing I knew Vesuvius was spewing lover everywhere. It was complete panic. The whole of Pompeii was running for their lives. The only thing I could think of was my family. I ran back and thankfully they out of home and running out of the city. I joined up with them and we rushed out of Pompeii. After we were three kilometres away, we stopped and looked back at the smouldering crater that used to be Pompeii. Vesuvius was still erupting and a cloak of dust and smoke was shrouding the city. Red hot lava was smothering buildings and demolished the city.


Al Capone In Prison


There will be a massive 50 million bank robbery one of the undercover cops had heard. He said it was Al Capone. All the cops surrounded the building that night for the arresting of the famous Al Capone. He somehow sneakily got on the roof and started to zip wire himself down. Suddenly the lights switched on. It was the cops. They took him to prison in the back of the police car. One day Al Capone was staying quiet just clenching the bars of the cell and then unexpectingly jumped up and cried "Oh no! I am going to miss the double bill of Simpsons tonight on Sky one" I wonder if Fat Tony has any escape plans. I get all my plans from him. He is the greatest gangster I've ever heard of. "Hey guard. I'll give you half a million dollars if you let me watch the Simpsons". "Fine I'll turn it on but don't tell the other guards". "Yippee". "The Simpsons".

By Mark Conway.

There was a young boy in the snow
Who didn't know quite where to go
He slid down a slope and landed
On the pope and now he's a holy show


There once a man from Kentucky
Who taught that his shoes were too mucky
He shined them all day
Till he wore them away
And then his feet were all yucky


There once was a man named Fred
Who liked to suck lots of lead
It went to his brain
Then he went insane
Because it went to his head.

There once was a man called Bob
Who tried to find a job
Although he tried
He was denied
And now he's a big fat slob.



Halloween costume competition

At Halloween we dressed up for a fundraiser for the school playground. Here are some of the costumes we entered from our class. The winners won T-shirts, boot bags and cinema passes .The entry fee was €2.Loads of money was raised and we had a great day. We went round to all the junior classes and ran in screaming. It was all good fun and the classes really enjoyed it. Every one spent a lot of time and did a lot work on their costumes. The teachers judged it and the murder victim [below right on the left] won.



We recently did a class survey on common products we all buy and wear these products were manufactured. The following results surprised us.

All of are shoes were made in countries that use child labour.
All of our jerseys were made in countries that use child labour.
Most of our schoolbags and our sports bottles were also made in countries witch use child labour. A Sliothar recently bought was made in Afghanistan.

Do we really want to stop child labour?

For seachtain Na Gaeilge we had an Irish Quiz. Our class did projects on birds of Ireland in Irish.


There was a Tag Rugby blitz in Galway, there was themes for all the schools and the theme for our school was Italy.We won the Blitz and thrashed every team. Here are the pictures of what people dressed up as.