Growing Sunflowers

We started growing our sunflowers in April. Unfortunately there has not been a lot of sun. Have a look at how we are getting on and come back next month.
We planted about 8 seeds. We have put one of them in the cupboard with no light but we do water it. What do you think will happen to it?
We put another one on the window sill but we do not give it any water? What do you think will happen to it?
The rest are on the window sill trying to catch all the sun they can!

We put the soil into the pots then we pushed the seed down into the soil with our fingers.

We had too push the seeds right down into the pot

After we had put the seeds in we gave them a little bit of water


However still no sunshine but they are still growing!

Some of them have grown so much we have to give them a stick to keep them straight

Green Fingers one and all

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