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The Workhouse

The famine in Ireland occurred during the 1840s.Most of the land in Ireland was owned by the British landlords. The rent was very high for such small run down cabins so if you could not afford the rent then you would either build a small house on the side of the road or go to the workhouse. In the workhouse there was a men’s, a woman’s, a boy’s and a girl’s yard where they would break stones to make gravel but this was very dangerous work because people had no protection for their eyes. When you went to the workhouse to work you had to sleep on a small long narrow path going down through the centre of the room with a small fireplace at the end of the hall. All you got to eat was a meal a day. For breakfast you got some porridge and milk and for dinner you got some potatoes and skimmed milk. The workhouse also had a girl’s and a boy’s school, but after a few years they built a new extension for a school. You did not get paid for being in the workhouse, your payment was a small meal a day and a bed to sleep in.

By Colin

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Which of the following were really the names of Vikings?

True or False?

1.Harald Redeard         11. Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye

2. Kon Smelly-feet 12. Rudolph the Red-Nose

3. Olaf The Stout         13.Sigtrygg Silk-Beard

4.Ivar the Boneless 14.Sigrid the Ambitious

5. Svein Forkbeard 15.Floki Ravens

6. Odin Pudding-Face 16.Asgot the Clumsy

7. Harold Bluetooth 17.Glum

8. Keith Flatnose         18.Con the Clumsy

9. Olaf the Peacock 19.Sigtrygg One-Eye

10. Ragnar Hairy Breeches 20.Thorolf Butter

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Walter Mitty was a daydreamer. He daydreamed all day every day. One day he was on his way to his sister’s house in his Funky Ford Cortina when he fell into another daydream.

He became an airforce pilot fighting in the Gulf War. As he flew over Mexico he dropped a few bombs and felt very pleased with himself. When he was flying over the Pacific Ocean he noticed that he was picking up velocity so he gently pressed on the brake to slow down. But the brake didn’t slow him down – they were broken. As Walter flew down into the Pacific he woke up with a start.


No sooner had Walter woke up from his daydream he was back in another daydream. He was an astronaut landing on the moon.

When he landed on the moon he jumped out and carefully closed the door of the rocket (don’t ask why). He took photos and samples of the moon and had the time of his life. Soon he got the signal that his oxygen was running out so he went back to the rocket. It was only then when he remembered that the door could only open from the inside of the rocket so he tried pulling and pulling but his oxygen ran out. Then he woke up.

Before he knew it he was in an another daydream. He was on a cruise in an all new submarine going from Madagascar to the Seychelles And had paid $100,000,000 to travel on the submarine.

Walter enjoyed his stay on the submarine but no one liked him. They thought he was stupid and nicknamed him Wally Witherspoon. One night one of the crew saw water seeping from under Walter’s cabin door and rushed in to see what was happening but when he opened the door a rush of water killed him instantly and the submarine was at the bottom of the Indian Ocean – all because Walter liked to sleep with his window open.

Walter woke up with a shock and a bigger shock to come. In the midst of his daydream he had drove over the Cliffs of Doneen and Walter and his Funky Ford Cortina were never seen again.

By: James K

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Egyptian Gods


Like Greece in its old days Egypt also had its own gods.

For instance Bes- The dwarf god of happiness and

protector of family and Osiris- God of death and

rebirth, the underworld and the Earth (long ago

he taught people how to farm). The Egyptian gods

(like the Grecian gods) were very sacred and worshipped

by the Egyptians. There were all different gods like the god of

death, the god of sun, the goddess of war and the goddess of

the desert. The Egyptians in honour of their gods made Temples and went to these temples to worship them.


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