Reports by Mrs. Neary's Fifth Class 2002
Last week we went to the ceide fields it was the nineteenth of October. On the way we past threw Kilalla and a window smashed when we hit a sign as we went on our way the bits of glass fell from the window. On the way Oliver Dawson got sick and we had to stop the coach.When we got there we went straight in and had our we had a snack. in the coffee shop. After we watched a short film about the fields. After our tour guide took us around the bog and the fields. After we was so exhausted we had our lunch. On the way home every one was playing the game boys we were aloud to stop at a shop then we headed home THE END. By Adam F.
Last week, we went to the ceide fields. We left the school at ten past nine. We passed through Foxford, Ballina, Killala and Ballycastle. When we were going through Killala, we were turning around the corner and we hit a sign post and the whole window shattered. When the bus driver tried to reverse we hit the signpost again and it knocked some of the window in. Then Mr Mahon went and got a brush to sweep the glass off the path. When Mr Mahon came back we drove along and all the glass kept on falling out along the road. Then we pulled in and pushed all the glass out and the teacher got all the people out that were sitting beside the window. Then when we near the ceide fields a boy got sick so we had to stop for him. After that on the way we saw a big bit of cliff that was eroded away from the mainland. The teacher told us that the soldiers hid behind it because when the tide went out there was a little inlet and one time when they were waiting for the soldiers, they didn't come and the tide came in and drowned them all. Then we finally got there and when we went in we all ran into the little cafe for our lunch and i bought a toffee chocolate square two time outs and a bottle of sprite. After our lunch we went and saw an audiovisual and in it it showed the men cutting turf. After that we got a trip around all the fields and first the guide showed us the remains of a old wall and then we walked on and saw a circle of stones and they think it might be the remains of an old house or slaughter shed. After that we got to see some bog plant. Then we got to stick a stick down and feel some rocks that they hadn't yet dug up and that was called probing. Then we all raced back to the building and Ross fell while he was running. Then we ate some more of our lunch.Then we all kept on running up and down the building. It was good fun!! When we went down to the bus the bus driver had blocked the window up with loads of board. On the way home we got to stop at the shop in Foxford. We got back to the school at half past two.
On our visit to the Ceide fields the window broke and a load of glass went on Brian's bag.It took an hour and a half up and back. when we arrived we went into the café and then we went into the Cinema and watched all about the bog and the rocks. After the cinema we went up to the bog and everyone heled the bog moss and if you put your foot print in the moss it will stay there for two years.Then we had a big race down to the café and at the start Ross fell.Then when everyone was at the bottom we went went up to the top of the museum and everyone ran down.Then we went home.
On the 19th of October. We went to the Ceide fields on the way we hit a sign saying Ballycastle. The sign smashed the window. Then an hour later we chucked the rest of it out. When we got there I learned that bogs can't survive without a certain plant. We saw a movie and there was a man on it saying every lower step the step gets older. There was a circle of stones that we thought was a slaughter shed. Then we went up to a sort of glasshouse we could see all the fields from the top of it. We found out the way the early settlers did to find stones. You get a sort of stick and push it into the ground as hard as you can. There were white sticks going along the ground to see where the wall was 5000 years ago.
Last Friday we went to the Ceide Fields. The Ceide Fields is situated in Ballycastle. On our way to the Ceide Fields a sign came through our window. Brian Keirnan was sitting beside the window when it broke. When we got there we all ran to the café to have our lunch. When we had all finished our lunch we watch a video about the Ceide Fields. In the video it showed the cliffs across the road from the Ceide Fields. There was a man talking about these rocks that went down in steps. He said that every step you went down you were standing on rocks from different years. When the video was over a guide brought us round the bog. She showed us the fallen walls of houses and barns. There was stones in the shape of a circle witch they thought was a slathering barn. When we finished in the bog we had a race back to the café. Ross fell at the start and everyone ran over him. We finished our lunch when we got back. We went out at the top of the museum. And ran down. We went up about ten times and then we had to go. On our way home we were throughing sweets at each other.
On the ninth of October I and the people from my classroom and Mr Mahon's class went too to the Céide Fields. When we went passed Ballycastle , Ballina. And on are way through Killala the driver was trying to turn and the bus crashed into a sign. But I didn't care because I was playing Mario. Eventually we got there first we got out and we had our lunch in the museum then we went into a cinema in the museum and saw all around the Céide Fields and the I saw a zoom in of the cliffs when it was over we got out we went outside and we saw a pit full of ancient rocks with a design on them the we saw another pit but this was a building some sort of slaughter house then we had to walk a long way until we came to a wet part of the bog then she ripped a bit of bog off and then she passed it around but I didn't touch it the we had to walk a bit further and then she told us how they found the Céide fields wall with out digging up bog they shove a poll into the ground until they hear a bang then they dig it up we ran down an then Ross fell on the way down and then we waited around for a while and the we went home. The end.
Last Friday we went to the Ceide fields. On our way we hit a signpost and the whole window broke! Then it wasn't long until we were there. When we got there we had some thing to eat and went into an audio visual room .The film was about how they founded the Ceide fields and about cutting turf. After that we went into a room full of life size statues of people in the olden times and how they lived. They also had statues of animals. Then someone showed us around the fields. In the first field there was all stones from 5000 years ago and the same in the second. One of them could have been a slaughterhouse and the other could have been a shed. After a while we went over to a bog with lots and lots of bog plant and we were all allowed take some. Then we squeezed it out and it held a good bit of water. When we went back to the centre we went upstairs to find a miniature model of the entire Ceide fields and it looked like the real thing. There were more stairs and we went up them too. Up them stairs there was a balcony, which you could run down, so we did. When we were at the bottom we climbed up part of the way up the building and Michael Moore went up the full way. Finally it was time to go home. So we got on the bus and went home but when we got on the bus, the window was all boarded up. THE END
The 5th and 6th classes were going on a tour to the ceide fields in Ballycastle. On the way we smashed into a sign and Brian was crying in an hour later we pushed it all out. After a while we got to the ciede fields and at the start all we did was eat food and drink.After that we saw a film about rocks and bogs. After that we went out and the women showed us a slaughter shed and after that we got to pick up moss and then we had to stick a stick in the grass. We then started to run up and down the stairs and then we had some food and then we went back to the school and the tour was alright. And I will never go again.Ialmost got sick on the bus and when we were going back the window it was covered with a mat and cardboard. The end
On Friday me and all my class went to the Ceide fields. On the way we past through Ballycastle, Balina and Kilalla. When we were passing through Kilalla we crashed into a sign post and all the glass smashed right onto Bryan Kiernan and Thomas Byrne. When we got there we watched a video about very old rock and there was a load of lairs and as you stepped down a lair the older the rock got. After that a tour guide brought all of us out side and should us all around near the end of the tour the guide should us how the people found the stone walls. They this by sticking a long pole down into the muck until they felt a rock. She said that some of the rock was about 50,000 years old. After that we had lunch I brought loads of sweets and I ate them all. After that we went up to a big glass house It was really cold. When we got back I went home
Last week we went to the Céide fields and on the why the bus diver broke a window and I was right at it. When we got there I met my uncle Gim he was at the front desk. Then we went to get some thing to eat. There was a big wooden thing in the room. After we got some thing to eat we went to watch a film. The film was about farmers in the old days. When a farmer was digging up his turf he found a stone wall. Then we went outside and we saw some stone walls. There was a place where a house was built. Then there was a thing were you got to hit a stone wall that was under ground. Then we ran back to the front desk and got something to eat again and we went home.