By Abie Joseph 5th Class

Red is for people who like adventures,
People who are brave,
People who are curious,
Sometimes people who have a temper.

Blue is for people who are proud,
Sometimes people who are lucky,
People who do their best,
People who work hard,
Sometimes people who are posh.

YELLOW is for people who like people,
People who hate being lonely;
People who say don't look at me,
People who make you feel better,

Black is for people who don't like much sport,
People who are cranky,
People who are sometimes lonely,
People who are good at brainy things,
Sometimes people who are very shy.

Green is for people who like music,

People who are peace full,
People who are friendly,
People who never fight,
Sometimes people who adore nature.

Pink is for who like being pretty,
People who put lots of makeup,
People who sometimes think their the best,
People who like to be alone,
Sometimes people who are too girly.

Abie Joseph 5th Class