My name is Matthew R. I am nine years old. During the weekend I went to community games training. I am the youngest there. I go every Saturday. At the last training I played as goalkeeper. I let in 2 goals but we won 3-2. Yesterday I watched highlights of the entire Barclaycard Premiership. Wayne Rooney scored a BRILLENT! Goal. He is only 16 years old; he is youngest person ever to score in the Premiership. He plays for Everton. The score was 2-1 to Everton (they were playing Arsenel) Tomaz Ridsinki got the first goal. Man.Utd were playing Fulham. The score was 1-1. Fulham got a penalty. Barhtez distracted the who was taking the penalty (who was Steed Malblauqe) and Barthez saved it. Celtic were playing Hearts. Celtic won 4-1, Chris Sutton got the first which was a good goal! Larrson got 2 and Steve Guppy got one.

On my weekend we went to my Auntie's house because she was having mass in her new house. We had great fun playing with my cousin's and Dean and Declan my Uncle's Nephew's. We were there until 12 o' clock in the night I was tired. On Saturday I went to the barber and then to extra vision to see if they had any computer games, but they didn't have any. Then we went to Archway stores .On Sunday I was standing outside the church collecting for cubs with Alan D.


My weekend 14/10/02
My name is Tsung YL.. Friday I went to David C's house after school. David went to karate I joined in half way throw it. Saturday I went to Robert's birthday in the cinema we watched Clock stopper's. Sunday I went to the Carnival I met Ryan, Gary, Cairán and Patrick I went on the waltzers thirteen times and fun city five times and the frog nine times and the bumbing car's six times in five night's and day. My dad got the new Sony Ericson it has cool ring tones and you can draw picture. I got a new hurling and slither. I hope I win the drawing competition today. We are painting or restaurant to red.

My Weekend 10/25/02
My name is Patrick V. I am ten years old. Today is Monday. Yesterday was Sunday. Tomorrow will be Tuesday. We are back to school now. On Saturday morning I went to drama. We are doing a play that is called " Pandora's Box". My part is a man called Epimethius. Myself and the girl who is acting as Pandora are the main characters. After I went to Community Games trials (Soccer.) I play left full back. Our team won 5-3.I went to Robert Crowley's birthday. We went to the cinema to see Clockstoppers. After that we went to his house. We were playing pass the parcel. I won a little briefcase that had a little man, a toy horse and little weapons inside. We had great fun. When I got home I watched a film called
"Parent trap". It was very funny. When it was just over Ciarán came over to my house and we were playing wrestling. I was wearing my Halloween mask and I was pretending to be Cane. I made up a new move called "The Brush". Ciarán didn't leave until 1:00 am. On Sunday morning I went to Celtic training (Soccer.) I was captain of our team. We lost in the quarterfinal by 3-2. We had to take out our goalkeeper because it took so long.


My Weekend 21/10/02

My name is Patrick Vaughan. Today is Monday. Yesterday was Sunday. Tomorrow will be Tuesday. On Friday I invited Tsung Yuan Lam, Al D. and Liam C. over to my house. Al and me drew our posters for Cub Scouts. Then we went to the shop and we met up with Liam. We went swimming after we ate our sweets. I swam a few laps of the pool. We went into the showers and stayed in for half an hour. When we got home Tsung Yuan cam over and we went outside. There was a big dog so we climbed up on the wall and started dropping down stones. We couldn't get down because the dog would bite us so we walked on the wall until we came to Castlehill Park and went through a field and into the building site and then we snook past the builders. After that Liam and Tsung had a fight over the skateboard. And then they didn't talk to each other. After that we were playing a game where we had to catch Liam. Liam kicked Al in the leg so al hit Liam which put Liam in a bad mood. We were walking down the back but Liam didn't come with us. When we came back up to the house he wasn't there. We searched everywhere for him. Later we found out that he had walked home. We had a few games of blind mans buff. When Al was gone I asked if Tsung Yuan could sleep the night in my house.


My Weekend News.

Monday 14-Oct-02
My name is Robert C. I am ten years old. I went to lifestyle sports on Friday. I bought the blue Man United jersey. My Dad bought me golf balls. He bought me a cap in the new surfing shop. It was my birthday on Saturday. We went to the cinema to see clockstoppers. It was very good and funny. After the movie we went back to my house and played pass the parcel. Then we went outside and played manhunt. Me and Tsung yuan were being chased by David C. We got away safely. Then we had to go in for the cake it was chocolate fudge cake it was delicious. Then we went out to play manhunt again. When some boys went home some boys stayed and my friend did a level I was stuck on. I had a brilliant time at my best party ever.

My name is Roy C. I am 9 years old I live in Castlebar Co. Mayo. On Saturday I went to my cousins house and I played football we lost the first time but we won the second time by two goals and then I went in and watched Aussie rules. Australia were winning 7 points from the first game. Ireland were losing in the first quarter but Ireland came back and won the next quarter. Australia won the next quarter and then the match was over. I went home and watched the Liverpool match. Liverpool won the match by 1 goal to 0. Liverpool were on top of the league because Arsenal lost to Everton who beat them by 2 goals to 1. Man Utd drew 1 all against Fulham.


Today is Monday. Tomorrow will be Tuesday.Yesterday was Sunday.We are back to school today. Today is the 14/10/02. On Saturday I went to Rugby blitz in Ballina. We won the blitz. And on Sunday I went to the finals and we did not win. Yesterday I went to the carnival with Patrick and we had good fun. But today it is going. And on Friday I went with Paul and it was good Too. And on Saturday I went to Roberts's birthday party. And on Sunday we won 4-3
And on Saturday we went to see Clockstoppers. And at the blitz we won 12-0 and 9-0. And on Sunday I went to Patrick's to play the playstation. And on Friday I went to patrick's house at 7:00 and we left at 1:00am and we watched a Funny film. And then we made a treasure hunt for my brother and Patrick's sister and it was hard but they figured it out. And then we played other games and then we went home.

My name is Roy. I am 9 years old. Last Saturday I went to the carnival. I went on the bumpercars. I won a teddy on the horseracing and I came second once. I went on the waltzers three times and I did not go on the big wheel. I went on the Miami Surf a few times played the game in which you have to throw a ball and it goes into a bottle and then I went home. I watched the England and Slovakia match England were losing 1- 0 at half time and they won two one. Ireland and Australia were playing in the compromise rules. Ireland were winning at half time by 19 points and at the start of the last quarter Australia scored a goal Ireland lost by 7 points. The score was sixty five fifty eight in favour of Australia.


My name is Seán K.. I am 9 years old. I live in Castlebar. On Saturday I went to Castlebar Swimming pool with the Ballintubber crew. On Sunday I went with my dad and brother swimming. In the evening I watched Celtic beat Hearts 4-1on television.

My weekend!

I went to the Carnival my friends.
I went on the Waltzers nine Times.
And Liam was to SCARED to go on the crazy frog.
I still have two Bumping cars Tickets.
We all went on the fun house.
I went on the big wheel four times.
Saturday I did it all again with Liam and I saw John Mc C.
Sunday I went to Enniscrone Waterpoint and I went on the slide twelve times.