The Spookiest Halloween Ever - David Stenson.

On the 30 of October 1986 something awful happened that changed the lives of people in a little village called ballinvilla. There were only five houses in the village. On that same night the village was having a Halloween party which was organized by a man called Kevin Cooper. While the people were chatting two children named Romeo! And Brooklyn! Went of to the nearby forest called the clydagh. In the forest people said there was two witches. Romeo and Brooklyn wanted to see if this was true. So they set of in to the forest. Romeo said I will go west and you can go east and we will both met at the Northwest in half-hour, Bye Romeo bye Brooklyn. So of they went. They also had walk-talkies. They were reporting back to each other. Nothing in the west said Romeo nothing in the east either Brooklyn. Right we will met up at the Northwest. Over and out. When they met at the north they went searching, on the way they found a trail of lines. The lines were from the Witches broomstick but they didn't know that. So the followed it. When it came to an end they found a cave. Romeo said let's go in. Suddenly they were trapped in the cave. They heard a witch's laugh nearby. The witches had a black hat a black coat and a load of warts on their nose. When the witches found them they put them in to a big Bowl called a Cauldron. The boys didn't have long to think of a plan. Then Romeo said we would pretend we are dead and so they did. When the witches opened the cauldron they saw that they were dead. So they took them out and went to cut them to pieces and eat them. When the boys heard this they jumped out and tried to run away but one of the witches was standing at the door. They had to do something quickly of they would have been chopped up. They found one axes on the bench. So Romeo said I would distract her while you get the other one. Then when we had her captured we got the other one. Then when they were tied up we left and got back safely after such a horrific night.

The Haunted Mansion.

The haunted mansion is very spooky and watch out for the rats, bats, snakes, ghosts, vampires, Frankenstein, werewolves and zombies! Listen very carefully and you can hear people crying. The bats are wilder than any other bats. Some ghosts just go BOO! so watch very carefully and don't bring children. It's way too scary for them!
There are weird noises coming from every room. There will be a lot of dead people lying on the ground. You will see a lot of bones every place you walk. They will be carrying candles around in their hands. It's a very scary place!!!

By Nathan O'Malley
Third Class.


Once on Halloween night I went trick or treating.
At the last house, the man gave me these weird nuts that were red.
When we got home ate the nuts.
The next day I didn't go to school, because I was sick! I had to stay in bed all that day.
I started to hear sounds in my head, but it was hard o know what it said. Finallally I started to hear what it said. I think it said:" come to the alleyway at 10 o' clock tommow. I'll be there.
The next night I sneaked out.
I went on my bicycle and cycled to the alleyway. When I got I saw the man that gave me the nuts.
Slowly I walked up to the man! OOOHGHHHRARRY!!!He shouted.
The next second I was back at home but I didn't know, who I was, where I was, or what age I was?


When I Was A Baby.

When I was a baby I lived in England with my cousins. I went for walks in the pushchair. I didn't know how to speak any language. I could not walk so I had to crawl. I played with toy cars, blocks and my rattle. I drank bottles instead of eating proper food. I didn't go to school because I was too young to go. I came to Ireland when I was eight months old. I lived in Dublin, in a flat. The flat was over a shop. Then I moved to Castlebar and started in St. Patrick's.

By Mark Conway.
Third Class.

Diary of a Killer Cat.

In this story there is a cat and his name is Tuffy. He has an owner and her name is Ellie. Tuffy kills a bird and a rat and the family have a funeral for them. Tuffy keeps messing up the flowers and digging holes in them. Then Tuffy brought home next-doors rabbit {Thumper} and it was dead. All the family think that Tuffy killed it. So they made it look as new as they could and then the dad brought Thumper home to his cage. But the neighbours already knew that he was dead and Tuffy didn't kill him. Then the dad nailed the cat flap so if Tuffy went out he could not come in again.

Then they brought Tiffy to the vet. There they had to put him in a cage that said "Handle With Care."Theymet some man with a dog and Tuffy scared the dog. He got out of the cage and messed up the vet's!

In the end they realised that Tuff was not as bold as they thought and they loved him again!

The End.

By Brian Waldron
Third Class.


Once upon a time there were two days left before Halloween.
Everyone was very happy.
There was one boy who was scared of Halloween.
His name was Duke.
When it was the time for trick or treating Duke always took a walk in the woods.
He walked as far as he could go when he heard a weird noise.
It was coming from behind the bushes.
Duke went over there and there was a Ghost.
Duke screamed and off he ran and ran.
The ghost wanted to get rid of Duke so he went on a Halloween hunt.
Off went the ghost on his hunt.
Meanwhile Duke was hiding in his bedroom.
He was very scared.
Then the ghost came into his room.
Then Duke had an idea.
He had to face his fears.
He got a hoover and sucked the ghost into the hoover.
He took the dirt out of the hoover and threw it into the bin.
Now Duke is not scared of Halloween.

By Conor Mylett and Darren Rice

On Halloween night
there was a ghost.
He banged his head
against a post.
The witch was walking
in the park.
She couldn't see
'cause it was dark.

BY Siphe Golodo

My Favourite Time
I like Halloween.
Because you get lots of sweets and
You dress up and put on masks and
Your mammy gives you sweets.

By Shane Noonan



My name is Bernie.
I like school.
I like writing, reading and computers.
I like playing soccar and basketball. I'm in fifth.
My mother's brother's son got engaged Tuesday.
His name is Paddy.
There was 30 people at the party and it was in The North. My mother was at the party.
There is a Wedding coming up in May.
I might go to your house Trick or Treating.
My name is Charlie. I am 10 years old.

I like to play football with my class.
Soon it will be Halloween. I wait outside on Halloween night and sing the Halloween song
Trick or Treat
Give me something nice to eat…
There's two people, me and my friend Thomas, we walk to people's houses, ring the bell. They'll come out and they'll give us something like apples, sometimes money, sweets and nuts.
Then we go home and share out the stuff.

My Hallowe'en Story - Ciarán O Malley

I will never forget the year I went to my cousin's house for Halloween. Before
going out we had a game of dares. Who ever lost had to go to old McManus' house. Old McManus house was 3 stories high with a basement. Of course as usual I lost and so did my cousin Damien.
As we set off to do our challenge it was freezing cold and very windy. When we got to the house John and David waited at the gate as we went in. I'm not sure if my teeth were chattering from the cold or with fear, and Damien was just as bad. We went up to open the door. Suddenly there was a loud BANG! As the door fell in. Neither of us moved for a minute. We heard the others shouting at us so we continued with our challenge.
We went into what looked like an old sitting room. The smell was damp and mouldy. We were just about to leave when something shiny caught my eye. It looked like a coin. As I went to pick it up I tripped and hit an old bookshelf. A panel in the wall opened. AGH! We screamed as rats ran past us.
We slowly entered the passage. About 20 feet in Damien stood on something hard. He shone his torch down and saw that it was a bone. Further in there were more bones. Then we saw something else. AGH! It was a skull.
We ran out of there as fast as Istrabraq ran the Grand National. At the gate we met John and David at the gate and ran home to phone the gardaí. It turned out that the body was old McManus' brother that had gone missing in 1964. The story goes that McManus and his brother had a big disagreement over some land and McManus told everyone that he had paid his brother off for it. He also told them that his brother had gone to America. But today I can tell you different. McManus killed his brother with a single stab wound to the chest. There is no longer a mystery about McManus' house.


My name is Abie and I am from South Africa

I arrived in Ireland in the year 2000 it was Christmas so it was cold

In my religion we do not believe in Halloween and Christmas

Hello. My name is Hossam. I am from Egypt.
I arrived to Ireland this year. my religion is Muslim.
In my religion we don't celebrate Halloween or Christmas.
But we celebrate Ramadan.
Hi I'm Klajd and I'm ten years old. I came to Ireland from Albania. We didn't celebrate Halloween in Albania but I'm looking forward to celebrating it here. I'm going trick or treating with my friends Aoife the witch, Oisin the Vampire and Sean the Devil. They are all very good friends!