If I Won The Lotto

I would like to buy a big house.
I would like to buy my house near chelsea
Football club because they are my favorite
Football team.
I would like to buy Mammy and Daddy a car.
By Adam Murphy


When I Was A Baby.

When I was a baby I lived in England with my cousins. I went for walks in the pushchair. I didn't know how to speak any language. I could not walk so I had to crawl. I played with toy cars, blocks and my rattle. I drank bottles instead of eating proper food. I didn't go to school because I was too young to go. I came to Ireland when I was eight months old. I lived in Dublin, in a flat. The flat was over a shop. Then I moved to Castlebar and started in St. Patrick's.
By Mark Conway.
Third Class.

My News

My name is Francie. I am 9 next week.

To-day Mark Conway in my class won 10 euro, he came second.
I would like to fix cars and vans when I leave school. I'll feed horses and check them every morning.

My News

My name is Owen. I live in Castlebar. I am 8.
I like sums and computers. I like colouring and drawing. I like football and P.E.

Halloween is soon. Ya get nuts and ya get bars and apples. Ya get a false face and go out as a witch with a broomstick. You have a pumpkin. I go out with Bernie and Francie. I like good fun is dark when we go home. I like to come back to school after holidays.