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The Famous Four Strike Again!


Me and Stephen are going trikerteating we are going to egging houses I am dresing up as a vampiar my best frind stephen is dresint up as a screm 2. We are going to get lots of candy and other stuff. Me and stepen are going to have a party for HALLOWEEN. By the way my name is dean clary...The scool web is . Funny name ha.

Two of the boys from the class - going to have a good time at Halloween!

Hallaween by Douglas
On a hallaween night we had some hallaween nuts and my fiends Darragh, Daniel and I went to trickortreating and then after all that we had lots of sweets. And we had lots of partys. And ofcours my house got egged. Probably some people might be knick-knocking around my a state. And I was over my friends house.

The Gate - by Kris
Last Halloween my friends and I went through the graveyard, which is a shortcut on our way home from football training. On the way we seen a little girl in a raggy white shirt and I said come here little girl. She said NO and she ran off. We followed her through the graveyard until we came to a cave and my sister Kelly saw the girl go in to the cave. We went into the cave to get her and heard a scream. We ran to where we heard the scream and we saw the girl's head full of blood. And her body was hanging. My sister got sick and when we turned around the head and body ware gone. There was a trail of blood so we followed it to a tunnel. My friend Daniel said come on Kris lets go in. Kelly said no but I said ok we went in and saw a newspaper I picked it up it said 20 people
Halloween- Jack's Story
When Jack and Liam went to the woods we saw a man with a gun. He shot the gun we was scared. We started to run we saw a man with a knife. We sore a house wath blood going down the house. We went in the house ther was a boy it was James nowe we had three of we walked down the hall way it was dark Jack had a torch liam sed thats better.We sowr a candle in a man it was mr.keena but he was ded. We ran down the hall way we saw are mums.

Halloween by Stephen
Me and Dean will be egging houses and ringing door bell and runing awey and when they open the door we are going to throw eggs at them. stephen is going to drees up as a scream two & Dean is going to drees up as a vampire we will scare people

The end


Darren's Halloween Story

On Halloween night we will be going trick treating I will be dressing up as a ghost Then i will go out to people house I will get lots of sweet and money and nuts Then i will egg lots of houses it will fun then all my friend will dressing as dracula and monster I hope i will get of sweet and money I will knonk on door said trick treating can something nice eat if dont i dont care i will pull down upwear They will be firework and bangers will be go off it is near halloween

The end by Darren