HALLOWEEN by Patrick C.


It is Halloween. We go trick and treating. We get sweet and money. We drees up as a ghost or a skeloten. My sister is dreesing up as a witch. She put a spell on me and I will turn into a frog. We go ducking and we hang the apple.

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HALLOWEEN by Oliver D.

At Halloween we buy a pumpkin . The pumpkin is heavy, round and orange and is bumpy. We cut out theface we put in the light and looks scary. I dress up as a ghost and i looked excited. My brother dresses up as a monster. My sister dresses up as a witch and she looks frightening. We go outside when it is dark. We knock on doors but we are terrified. We say "Trick or treat" but we are shivering.

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I went to the Carnival with my mum and James and Harry. I went on the frog and the Waltzers and the Wheel and Hollywood. My brother James was very scared on the Wheel. My brother James is three years old. I got some popcorn and candyfloss. I met Stephen and we went on the bumper cars. We went to the Carnival on Saturday we went on the Waltzers. This is the Hollywood house. The carnival is gone to Sligo.

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Final Fantasy X by Kris R
Final Fantasy X is about a star blitz ball player called Tidus whose city got destroyed by Sin, a 300-foot monster. Tidus was the only survivor. When he woke he was not in Zanarkian so he looked around and made a fire. About 1 hour later. When the fire was going out a monster jumped from ceiling so Tidus fought it and when he was about to lose an Albed came and helped out. Together they destroyed it. After the fight the Albed who helped him knocked him unconscious. After when he woke up he wondered if he ever will get home he started thinking about how he hates his father. Soon the Albed came out of the dock the one hit him.