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Tree in River With Plastic
3, Apr 2017 - 11:44

A post on our Bulletin Board prompted us to put up these photos taken at the bridge into the the Church car park on 19th March. The tree was blown down in the storm.

What is shocking though is the amount of rubbish accumulated behind this temporary dam. The tree was removed on 29th March. Of course normally the plastic floats further downstream for better viewing from the banks of the riverside Castlebar to Turlough Greenway. Check out this recent CT article calling for a badly needed clean-up of the river. There's one prominent polystyrene fish box that has gradually moved downstream at a rate of about 500m every six months as each new flood dislodges it, only to be caught up in branches again.



We have also embedded the video link given by "Reality Check", who posted on the BB. It's just four minutes long and it is a bit of an eye-opener regarding the ultimate fate of a lot of this plastic.

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