The Guinness Castlebar Blues Festival
June Bankholiday Weekend : 1st - 4th


Time table
Night time gigs start between 10/10:30 to 1a.m.

Venue Band Days/Nights (1st - 4th)
Flannelly's Junior Thompson & Band Fri., Sat. and Sun
Irish House Rory Gallagher Tribute Band Fri., Sat. and Sun
Rays/Prendergasts John Crampton Fri., Sat. and Sun
Stalkeys The Robin Sunflower Band Fri., Sat. and Sun
Castle Inn Parker's Alibi Fri., Sat. and Sun.
Daly's Parchman Farm Fri., Sat. and Sun.
Tolsters D. Byrne, P. Martin Sat. and Sun.
Buckos D. Byrne, P. Martin
Sun: 1pm
Buckos Malkum and Chris Monday Night
Humbert Rollo Markee and the Tailshakers Fri., Sat. and Sun.
Bungalow Winchesters Fri., Sat., Sun and Mon.
Mc Carthys
Malkum and Chris Fri., Sat. and Sun
Mulroys Ragtime Millionaires Fri., Sat. and Sun.
The T.F. Martin Fletcher and the Usual Suspects Sunday night
Baja Browns Martin Fletcher and the Usual Suspects Friday night
Saturday: 5 - 7
(The Blues Jam after the match)
Sunday: 5 - 7
(The Blues Jam)
Baja Browns

Carl Wyatt and the Delta Kings

Sunday 9-11pm and Monday 9-11pm
Baja Browns

Johnny Mars and the Allstars

ONE NIGHT ONLY - SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES BALL. Adm 8 (festival fundraiser)

Mc Goldricks Zydecomotion Fri., Sat. and Sun
Cox's Rev. Doc and the Congreation Fri., Sat. and Sun
Welcome Inn Clive Barnes Fri., Sat. and Sun
Hennelly's Juke Joints Fri., Sat. and Sun
Tipsy Toad Ian Sands and the Blues Katz Fri., Sat. and Sun
Free admission to all gigs except for The Blues Ball, Sunday night featuring Johnny Mars and the All-Stars Band - adm. 8 (Festival fund raiser)

General bar exemption in the town.

Contact the Festival Office in the Travellers Friend Hotel 094 23111 for further details.