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Linenhall Arts Centre
Losha at Roolaboola
18, Oct 2013 - 09:17

The Linenhall's Roolaboola is coming up shortly - just one of the many events and shows for kids:


Monkeyshine Theatre, Ireland

Roola Boola - Friday 25th October @ 7.30pm Saturday 26th October @ 12.00pm

at Linenhall Theatre


Where do things go when you forget them?
Losha is a magical creature that likes to collect things: small things, important things, things that have been forgotten. A lost shoe holds a love story, a bithday candle still holds the wish that blew it out and a soft toy is filled with forgotten fears of the dark... Losha shares the memories of half-remembered stories and explores unexpected worlds where only secret dreams can take you. Set in a delicate world of light and shadows with objects and poetic movement. Losha is a sensitive tale made for family audiences.
Created by Sligo-based Monkeyshine as part of the Theatre Maker in Residence Scheme 2011 supported by the Arts Council, Roscommon Arts Centre and Roscommon County Council.

"What a treat for all ages." - Caomhan Keane, website
"Magical." - Connacht Tribune
"Delightful." -

" Captivating, absolutely loved every moment" Parent
" Beautiful performance, very clever use of light, The Children really enjoyed it." Teacher
"Brilliant thanks very much." Child


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