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Linenhall Arts Centre
Ross Stewart - Steel Bridges, Bog Bodies
18, Apr 2011 - 07:36

An exhibition of new mixed media works on canvas and paper, inspired by the artist's recent experiences in Oregon fused with a deep rooted love of Irish landscape and culture. This new work finds the repetitive geometric patterns of manmade concrete and steel structures of the modern city submerged under layers of organic texture and mark-making, exploring "how the temporary power of modern structure can and will be easily lost in Nature and forgotten in our memory".
Ross Stewart is an Irish artist working in painting, illustration and animation, notably conceptual design and art direction. He was Art Director on the award-winning film The Secret of Kells, recently nominated for an Academy Award. His personal artwork is based on organically developed landscape studies, focusing on atmosphere and mood rather than representational form. His highly textured mixed media paintings suggest wide expanses of bog or moor, solitary trees or boulders with vivid, intricate details submerged under glazes of earthy colours. Ross Stewart has exhibited across Ireland and the UK over the last 11 years and his work is held in public and private collections internationally.

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