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Mayo Historical and Archaeological Society
Mayo Historical & Archaeological Society
25, Feb 2019 - 13:45


Vestiges of ancient sun worship in Archaeology, Mythology and Folk Tradition.


Eamonn P. Kelly will be the guest speaker at our next lecture on Wednesday, March 6th. at 8 pm. in the GMIT Campus, Castlebar. He is the former Keeper of Irish Antiquities in the National Museum and is a regular contributor to radio and television documentaries.

Pagan Ireland had a complex religion that was based on the recognition of the necessity for a successful interaction between the sun and the earth in order to produce fertility and growth. The talk will introduce archaeological evidence for ancient pagan religious practices in Ireland while the manner in which modern folk customs and practices have preserved features of these ancient traditions will be illustrated. Linkages will be made between folk practices in Ireland and elsewhere as well as with associated religious practices known from the classical world. The talk will take a multidisciplinary approach drawing on evidence supplied by archaeology, folklore and mythology and with emphasis placed on important strands of evidence drawn from Co. Mayo.

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