Meals-on-Wheels in Castlebar

Castlebar Voluntary Social Services provide a number of services to Castlebar and the surrounding areas.

We deliver a Meals-on-Wheels service, 365 days a year, to the elderly and vulnerable people of Castlebar and the surrounding areas. We also hold activity days for older people on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

This service is found to be of immense value to the older people. It is convienient for them in many ways and provides them with a higher level of social activity than they might typically encounter. It costs the same amount of money to run our service for 1 person as it costs to run it for 20 people. For this reason, we encourage more people to avail of this service from both rural and urban areas.

A typical meal provided to a participant consists of a starter of soup and brown bread, a main course of bacon and cabbage with potatoes, and dessert of jelly and ice cream. All our meals are prepared in house, and consist of the highest quality meats and ingredients. This ensures that the meals we provide are nutritionally beneficial.

The value of social activity for the elderly should not be underestimated. Isolation of the elderly can lead to loneliness and feelings of abandonment. Social activity with people of a similar age can provide stimulation at a level that younger generations may not be able to provide, for example, participants often bring their instruments to the centre to play taditional music and dance.

Contact the Social Services Centre for details.