Castlebar Pantomime
Panto Time - Sinbad at the TF from 12 to 15 January
By Karen Conway
Jan 9, 2006, 08:34

Fionnuala Cahill appearing as the Genie & Katie Rooney appearing as Monty the Monkey

Directed by Donna Jennings, with Musical Director John Flatley & Choreographer Jason Guthrie, Castlebar Pantomime, Mayo's longest running Pantomime, present their 21st Anniversary show "Sinbad" from the 12th to 15th January 2006. Originally founded in 1951 & running until 1965, the modern day Castlebar Pantomime revived in 1986 can consist of anything up to 150 cast members both front & back of curtain. Castlebar Pantomime can honestly claim to appeal to all ages as cast members run in age from seven to 71 years (but we're not telling who that is!). Castlebar Pantomime is a totally voluntary run organisation, which is solely funded by the generosity of the people & business folk of Mayo. Originally formed to raise money for charity in the 1950's, this tradition is still followed with funds from the show annually being presented to local charity groups. This year Castlebar Pantomime are supporting The Irish Children’s Pilgrimage Trust. For further information, history & a photos of Castlebar Pantomime you are invited to browse through the website

So what can you expect from Castlebar Pantomimes 21st Anniversary production of Sinbad?

This is a lively, fun packed pantomime which will appeal to all. Promising Turkish delights, swashbuckling pirates, salty sea dogs & mysterious valleys to unfold this age old story. Sinbad is presented with all the imagination tradtiionally expected by Castlebar Pantomime audiences.

When an evil Magician spirits away the beautiful Princess Yasmin, Sinbad sails from old Baghdad to rescue her, aided by his Mother Dame Semolina, along with the Captain of the Golden Hawk & his crew. Will Sinbad & Co overcome numerous obstacles, including being the special offer of the day at the Zalabar market & save Princess Yasmin from the evil Magician? Will Sinbad save his princess, will they escape from nasty Pirates, will the Dame ever learn to cook, will the bad guys win over the crew of the Golden Hawk or will the arrival of the Genie of the Ring turn the tide in the favour of our hero & his friends? Discover for yourself how this tale of our Arabian hero unfolds by joining in on the fun both in the audience & on stage as Castlebar Pantomime Committee present "Sinbad"

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