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Solar Eclipse
By Icarus
Mar 28, 2006, 23:51

The moon gets in the way....
Wednesday 29th March 2006 in Ireland a partial solar eclipse occurs with between 20% and 15% of the Sun being covered between approx 10:50am to 12:15pm. The moon comes between the Sun and the Earth partially blocking the Sun's rays.

There is a chance that the sun will appear from behind the clouds - "Wednesday morning will be generally dry with some sunny spells; just a few showers likely in the Northwest. It will become cloudy during the afternoon and evening and heavy rain will extend gradually from the Southwest. Rather cool with highest temperatures 8 to 11 degrees in a light to moderate southwesterly breeze."

It's too late, however, to book a flight to Turkey where a total eclipse of the Sun will occur.

To see an animation of the eclipse check out

Be careful when watching a solar eclipse! NEVER look directly at the sun, either with the naked eye or through any optical device, including cameras, binoculars, or telescopes! Project an image of the Sun through the pin hole in a piece of card onto another piece of card, to view the partial eclipse.

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