Nostalgia and History
Hey Days and Auld Stock Repeats
By Ronan Courell
Dec 26, 2006, 09:52

A series of three programmes entitled Hey Days & Auld Stocks being broadcast on Mid West Radio - Starting St Stephen's Night and running until Thursday Night 28 Dec 2006.  All programmes to be broadcast at 10pm and can also can be accessed on the internet live on  The first one hour documentary programme features the Connaught Telegraph - on Wednesday night a superb documentary on St Mary's Hospital will be aired and on Thursday night a brilliant programme on Mc Hale Road will be the final programme to be broadcast. All programmes were produced by Ronan Courell & Tommy Marren and are a superb piece of work - sit back and enjoy - Hey Days & Auld Stock.

Originally Broadcast back in Sep to Nov 2006

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