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Angling Update - for week ending 24 September 2006
By Markus Muller
Sep 28, 2006, 22:24

River Moy

The Moy had its best week of the season with a reported catch of 773 salmon bringing the total for the season, so far, to 8,661. The Ballina Salmon Anglers water continued to provide the best fishing but some fresh fish were taken throughout the entire system.

The Moy Fishery accounted for a total of 172 salmon. On the Ridge Pool, Peter Huggard, Dublin, had two fish (one released) with best at 6.12 lbs. on fly, Mervin Painter, Wales, had 3 fish (2 released), best at 5.79 lbs, Peader Duffy, Monaghan had a nice 9.79 salmon on spinner and Michael Righton, England, landed a total of 5 salmon, all of which were returned. Other catches included a 6.32 lbs salmon for Simon Heenan, Northern Ireland and 4 fish (3 returned) for Paul Ainley, England. On the Ash Tree Beat, Declan Hughes, Moy Fishery, had a fine 8 lbs. salmon on spinner and Charles Freemantle, England, landed a 4 lbs salmon also on spinner.

On the Scott-Knox-Gore Coolcronan Water, well known journalist, Derek Davis had 2 salmon (1 released) with best at 6 lbs. John McArther, Northern Ireland, fishing the East Mayo Anglers stretch landed a fine 9 lbs. salmon on spinner.

Easkey Fortland Fishery

The Fortland Fishery had an exceptionally good week with a total of 106 salmon caught, 60 of which were released.

Owenmore River

Due to the wet weather the Owenmore River had another good week and water levels remained high for most of the week. The Bangor Club stretch accounted for a total of 50 salmon (40 released) for the week. Keith Winter and Laurence Kiartley, England, had 17 fish (16 released) including a fine 13.5 lbs salmon and Ed McCarthy., also from England, landed 7 fish (5 released) during the week. Successful flies were Ally’s Shrimp, Cascade and Shadow Shrimp.

Glenamoy River

Water levels remained high on the river and anglers enjoyed excellent fishing with 50 salmon (30 released) reported for the week. Amongst the successful anglers were Peter McGuire and his son, Dublin, who landed 4 salmon and Jimmy Lawlor, Westport.

Newport River/Lough Beltra

The Newport system also had a good week with 7 salmon and 8 sea trout reported for the week. On the river, visiting US angler, Matt Skogland, had 2 grilse, while his son Dan caught a nice 1 lbs. sea trout, which was returned. Local angler, Denis Coughlan had 4 grilse & 3 sea trout, all of which were returned. On Lough Beltra, Northern Ireland lady angler, Sara Gilbert, had 2 fine sea trout at 1.5 lbs. each.

Ballinlough Fishery

Angling has been quiet on Ballinlough, however, local junior angler, Pat McHale, caught a 4 lbs. rainbow trout which he released. The fishery has been re-stocked recently and remains open till the end of October.

Lough Conn

Angling activity was slow on Lough Conn this week due to the weather conditions. However, the few anglers who ventured out did reasonably well and reported good catches of trout.

John Dolan and Jack Murphy, Athlone, caught 8 trout over two days with best at 3 lbs. Patsy Deary and Tom Sullivan, Co. Cork, had one trout for 2 lbs. and a 6 lbs. salmon while trolling. UK angler, Michael Jones and a friend had two trout for 4.5 lbs. on a Green Peter and Fishery Inspector, Michael Lennon, also landed two trout for 4 lbs.

The Kieran Lynn Perpetual Cup was fished on Lough Conn on Sunday, 24 September. Sixty-five anglers took part and caught a total of 36 trout for 34 lbs. Results were as follows: 1st Damien Flynn, Athlone, 2nd Michael Sweeney, Loughrea, 3rd Josie Moran, Pontoon. The winner of the ladies prize was Miriam Gallagher (NWRFB).

Lough Arrow

Again a quiet week on Lough arrow and few fish were caught. Nevertheless, local angler, Michael Gunning had a fine trout at 4 lbs. on a Green Peter.

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