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"Angels' Plot"

Drawing of Proposed Landscaping

Proposed Commemorative Figure


We need your help!


Who are the organisers?

We are a voluntary non-profit group of seven people from the Castlebar area who have come together specifically for this project.

Why have we come together?

What is the project?

In a tangible manner we wish to remember these children and their families in two special ways:

  1. By upgrading the "Angel's Plot" in Castlebar Old Cemetery so that it is a visible commemorative sign of our respect for the hundreds of children who have been buried there.
  2. By holding a special liturgy in the Parish Church in Castlebar to assist with the healing of the hurts that many families who have suffered the death of a baby in the womb or shortly after birth have felt.

"Angels' Plot" Upgrading

With the co-operation of Castlebar Urban District Council we have developed a plan to upgrade the children's burial plot in Castlebar Old Cemetery by;

  1. Erecting a suitable Commemorative structure that will be appropriate and fitting to serve as a recognition for all the babies buried there who currently have no visible markers for their burial place.
  2. Improving the landscaping of the area and properly defining its boundaries.

Our voluntary group is taking primary responsibility for the proposed Commemorative structure as well as providing practical assistance with the landscaping of the area.


Drawing of proposed Landscaping

The UDC will take responsibility for the provision of kerbing surrounding the plot and the construction of the sub-structure for the Commemorative figure.

The design of the main Commemorative structure has not yet been finalised totally but it will cost in the region of IR£10,000.

The Commemorative structure will include a central form depicting a theme appropriate to children and the love in which we hold them. It will be in a reflective setting where the surrounds will include a seating area and paving. At a later stage we hope to be able to provide "book-rest" stone surrounds adjacent to the main structure so that any family who has a child buried in the plot may inscribe their names onto the stone.


Drawing of A Proposed Commemorative Figure

We intend to commission a tasteful and fitting piece of work that will stand the test of time and will be worthy of the children whose memory it honours.

The Liturgy

A special liturgy will be celebrated on Sunday, 12 September 1999, at 3 p.m in the Church of the Holy Rosary, Castlebar.

We shall celebrate and reflect on the short lives of the babies we are remembering.

We will pray with and for the families who have been bereaved by the death of a child and pray for the healing of the wounds that may have been left by the sadness of the babies' passing from this mortal life.

Similar to the Community at large we, the Church, have sometimes failed to support families who have been bereaved by the death of a baby in the womb or shortly after birth. We have always professed that life begins at the moment of conception yet we have often dealt with the loss of this life in a manner dissimilar to the way we deal with the loss of other lives.

We need to ask forgiveness for any unintended insensitivity. Some people whose babies died prior to baptism are confused about the teachings of the Church in relation to the eternal destination of their child.

We hope to share some of the very beautiful teachings and liturgy of the Church in relation to the death of any person who is unbaptised. Also we will be giving the families who have been bereaved the opportunity to have the name of their baby/child recorded in a very attractive book to be kept with the regular Church registers.

We will use symbols in the liturgy which we hope will make the celebration consoling, affirming and uplifting. After the Liturgy we will hold a short ecumenical service at the cemetery when the Commemorative structure will be unveiled. Afterwards all who attend will be invited for light refreshments and will be able to avail of an opportunity to chat with each other if they so wish.

We need your help!

Unless we receive assistance from other people this event will not occur We earnestly seek assistance from any person or organisation who can help with any of the following:

Since a lot of the work will necessarily have to be done professionally we need financial resources. Any donations, sponsorship or practical help will be greatly appreciated.

We would appreciate donations or sponsorship of good quality top soil and the appropriate hedging and trees that we are planting on the boundaries of the site. At certain stages of the development we way also require some manual labour

We would also ask for voluntary help with the refreshments and supplies for same. We are hoping for maximum attendance at the Liturgy and at the Old Cemetery on 12 September 1999 and we encourage not just families who have been bereaved by the death of a child to attend but extended families and the general community too.


Our account for the project is with the Credit Union at Market Square, Castlebar and is in the name of the "Angel's Plot Project" and the account number is 23675

Further information can be obtained from any of the following

Mary Kelly
Maternity Unit
Mayo General Hospital
094 21733


Fr. Jim Buggy
The Presbytery
Chapel St.
Castlebar 094 21844


Fr. Martin O Connor
Family Centre
094 25900

Loretta Walsh
Mayo General Hospital
094 21733


Sarah Fadden
094 30780


Mitzie O Reilly
094 26006


Cathal Kearney
094 31244