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St. Patrick's Day 2004 - The Parade Photos
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27, Mar 2004 - 10:16

Your Patrick's Day Photos
As usual in 2004 we asked people to take their cameras out and photograph the St. Patrick's Day Parade whether in Castlebar or elsewhere. As a result we now have over 450 photos for you to browse through. If you or any of your family were in the Castlebar parade there is a good chance that there is a photograph here for you.

Michael Donnelly has a total of 45 photos from the Castlebar St. Patricks Day Parade. Great crowd shots.

Peter Jordan has 84 photos from the parade from the starting point to Main Street.

Muirsin Durcan - on Main Street has a gallery of 27 photos from the Castlebar Parade

Parade Photos taken at the Spencer Street Roundabout and the Mall - 47 photos

More Photos taken at Spencer Street Roundabout - a mere 89 quick pics as the parade passed by.

Yet More Photos taken at the Mall and the Market Square - 88 quick pics as the parade passed by.

Martin McGarrigle took some snaps along the parade route in Castlebar

B Mullin Photographed Tin Whistlers, St Patrick and Toddlers - eight photos.

Eoin Walshe took 48 parade photos in Castlebar on St Patrick's Day.

Purger Downunder! has eight photos from the Sydney Patrick's Day Celebrations on Sunday 14 March.



Link to Parade photos 2003

Parade photos 2002: Michael Donnelly - Ken Wright Chris Walsh - MPhoto

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