Gaudi Cathedral
This is the most famous building site in the world.
It has being going on for over a 100 years.
They say it will be completed in 2004 but I wouldn't
hold my breath.
Gaudi Building.
There are Gaudi designed buildings all over the place.
Olympic Stadium.
The Olympics changed this city for ever.
A bit like Ryans Daughter coming to Dingle.
Olympic Stadium.
This is a moument at the stadium.(Radio and TV transmitter)
Colombus declared that he discover America when he returned here.
He is standing pointing to North Africa when it should have
been America.No mention of Saint Brendan who sailed from Dingle.
Tents at roudabout.
They are not happy about the war in Iraq here.
They have been camped at this roundabout since the war started.
This is a famous Cathedral.It is massive and in a
courtyard in middle of it, there are geese and other bird
living away in the middle of a lot of fuss.
This is a wooden submarine which they claim was the first,
but we all know that the submarine was invented by John P. Holland
while he was teaching in Clare.When he went to America he was suported
by the Fenian Society who intended to use it against the British.
Submarine Plaque.
They have this plaque beside the sub.
One of these tower was built by Irish Contractors.
They have their own Arc de Triomphe here.
I dont know what this monument is but it is as prominant
as the nose on your face.
You see these guys evertwhere in Madrid and Barcelona
When the police come they grab their blanket with all their
goods and run.They are called Tapa Mantas, top of the blanket.
La Rambla.
The La Rambla is a great place with music and dancers
and all sorts of street shows.A lot of pick pockets hang
out here so you need to be careful .
Back home over the Pyrennes.
Muirsin Durcan Photo Archive