An t-Athair Máirtín
Tá sé faoi brú.Tá an t-Árdeaspaigh agus
na sagairt ag faire air.
Arch Bishop Michael Neary The Arch Bishop addresses the volunteers
before launching the week-end
Groups Downstairs Half of the groups were located downstairs.

Groups Upstairs
The rest of the groups were upstairs.

Wall St.Dancers
Another look at the ones upstairs.

Rain in New York
The panto group are getting ready for next

ICA and Sonas
The ICA and Sonas were close to the door

Women''s Refuge and VDP
The Mayo Womens Refuge Services and the
Vincent de Paul seem to be sticking together.

Organising Committee
All done time, for a cuppa tea.

Judge John Garavan
Our own local judge sat at the bench today.
The Castlebar Court is located at St. Geralds club
these days.

Muirsin Durcan Photo Archive