De la Salle Day

St. Gerald's Club
Today was declared De la Salle Day in Castlebar
A statue was unveiled at the St. Geralds Club which
was the orignal school.
Statue of John Bosco
This was the bronze Statue which was unveiled.
On lookers
These were more than curious observers.
On lookers
Matt takes a closer look.
Plaque at field
The football field at St. Gerards was also
blessed and dedicated.

Football field
It's good to see this fine pitch.

Conformation class 1988
This is your typical De la Salle conformation class
I wonder where are they all now?
There must be hundreds of these type of photos all over
Castlebar.It would be very interesting to see the past
Holy Communion, Confirmations and Leaving cert. boys and
girl classes.I wonder do the schools have them?