Getting Ready for the road
Volunteers get ready to leave for Dublin to
collect our guests from Venezuela.
A stop for water.
Dublin Airport.
We collect our guests ands head for Castlebar.
Olympic Stadium.
We arrive at Lough Lannagh tired but happy
Food is to be supplied at the TF.
John Maughan.
The athletes come under scrutiny.There are people
lurking in the back ground
Iarla Duffy& John Maughan.
"Can these guys play football Iarla?".
Pat Stanton & John Maughan.
"Pat I'm looking for two mid-fielders".
Pat Stanton & John Maughan.
John they are not going to McHale Park to-morrow or any
other day and their coach is watching us!
Muirsin Durcan Photo Archive