St. Muiredachs
This is the Cathedral in Ballina which is the main
landmark there.
Ridge Pool
The may not have a Mall in Ballina but they have
a fabulous river.
Moy River
These are all fishermen in the river.
Moy River
Another stretch of the river
Moy River
The Salmon weir with Nephin in the background.
and still the fishermen.
Moy River and apartments
I am not sure wheter these are apartments or a hostel
but they look well anyway.
O'Rahilly St..
O'Rahilly St. looking from the Post Office.
O'Rahilly St.
Looking up the street to the PO
Buds of May
A colourful flower shop.
Blooms & Things
There are a number of nice flower shops around.
Red Brick Building
This is a red brick building in the middle of the town.
Post Office
The Post Office is a formidable building.
Ridge Pool Inn & Tackle Shop
This is the Ridge Pool Pub and they sell
fishing tackle as well.
Muirsin Durcan Photo Archive