Here We Are in Xxxxx

Statue Plinth
Another famous Irishman was launched
from here aswell.
O'Connell St.
The main street is very narrow.You would
expect it to be pedestrianised.
O'Connell St.
The other end of the street.
They have their own Cathedral.
Here is one of their pubs.
Poor House. This is where the poor house was during the Famine.
Winged Creature. There is a lot of monuments around the town.
This is a man with wings
Fountain. Lots of water with fountains and rivers.
Monument at roundabout. Even the roundabouts have statues.
Water Wheel. There is a water wheel as you come into
the town.
Webcam. They have their webcam here, just like Castlebar.
Muirsin Durcan Photo Archive