Castlebar Pubs

Johnny McHale's Johnny McHale's

Reputed by one of our national Sunday Newspapers
to serve the best pint in Ireland.

Sloyans Sloyans

On the corner of Linenhall Street.

Weaver's Weaver's

Next door neighbour.

The Cabin The Cabin

Many years people have hung around this door.
hard times come again no more!

The Fiddler The Fiddler

Is this a music house?

4 Pubs Four pubs

Four pubs next door to each other.

Friendly Tavern Friendly Tavern

No grouches wanted here.

Cox's Cox's

Across the street you will get eating and
drinking in this ale house.

Rocky's Rocky's

Completely rebuilt recently.

Cobweb Cobweb

"Come in to my house said the spider to the fly"

Bucko's Bucko's

Will the real Bucko stand up?.

The Humbert The Humbert

This was the venue for the get-together for the Bulletin Board users last year.

Mulroys Mulroy's

Mulroys took over from Willie Joe here.

Flannelly's Flannelly's

You can get a pint here while waiting for your bus.

The Burbon The Burbon

was once owned by a Commisioner.

Mick Byrne's Mick Byrne's

Home to Byrne's Babes,many Mayo followers
tours have been organised from here.

McCarthy's McCarthy's

Did this pub feature in the book on McCarthy's Pubs
all over the world?

Hennelly's Hennelly's

This is Hennelly's which we were requested for before.

The Bungalow Bar The Bungalow Bar

This pub is often mistaken for two pubs,
The Cellar and The Bungalow.

Stalky's Stalky's

There are a number of pubs with the Mayo colours.

The Castle Inn The Castle Inn

This is a horsey pub.

Wall Mural Wall Mural

This is the mural on the wall in the previous picture.

Prendergasts Prendergasts

We will never forget the man whose name appears
on this pub.One of Mayo's greatest footballers who
left us too soon.Scrawney will be glad to know that he
was from Ballintubber.

The Bistro The Bistro

As popular for its food as the drink.

Tolsters Tolsters

A good place to get soup and sandwiches if you are in a hurry.

Shortts Shortts

You get pints here aswell.

Cosgraves Cosgraves

A new name in Spencer St.

Hog's Heaven Hog's Heaven

Hogs Heaven is built on the site of the old Bacon Factory.
I presume this is where it got its name.

Baja Browns Baja Browns

Used to be known as The Kingsbridge but is now
enjoying a new lease of life as Baja Browns.

Tipsy Toad Tipsy Toad

The well will never runs dry here Kermit!

Coach Bar Coach Bar

I think this used to be O'Connors.

Morans Morans

One of the longest serving publican family in this town.

McGoldricks McGoldricks

An fear as Dúiche Sheoige a bheis ag tabhairt
aire dhuit anseo.

The Harp Bar The Harp Bar

An chláirseach ar bhinn an tí.

The Brown Cow The Brown Cow

All together like Browns Cow.

McEvillys Pub McEvilly's Pub

When you move to the country you find the family pub.

Jenning's Jenning's

This pub was completly rebuilt recently.

Punchbowl The Punchbowl

I presume the punchbowl will be on the go here
for the next few weeks.

McTigues Breaffy McTigues

McTigue's or as PJ might say "Babs" God be good to her
This of course is in Breaffy.

Traveller's Friend Traveller's Friend

At the other end of the town from the Welcome Inn.
It is across the road from the Hospital

Welcome Inn Welcome Inn

You find this hotel across the road from Johnny McHale's.
It is a popular local for many people.

Daly' Hotel Daly's

Daly's used to be the Imperial before it went.
back to being Daly's

Breaffy House Breaffy House

Back to Breaffy, used by many locally as their local.
But some town people sneek out here too.

Rowlands Rowland's

Jimmy had a great pub going here for many year
but the family have now retired from the business.

Airport Lounge Airport Lounge

This area will be a major constuction site before
long.It must have been a good place for the pilots to
get tanked up before they took to the air.

Cannons Cannon's

Market Square hasn't been the same since this place closed.

Oliver Kellehers Oliver Kelleher's

I think this used also be O'Connors which is
now the Coach Bar.

Seamie Byrnes Seamie Byrnes

This was Seamie Byrnes I think.

Kings King's

This was Kings, Ainsworths and Morans I presume we have
not seen the end of it yet.

Chamber Office Green Olive

This was the "Green Olive".