Gamla Stan
The Old Town in Stockholm's city centre is a lovely place.
The Burial Church.
There are many churchs to be seen in the city.
But this is different in as much there are hundreds
of coffins everywhere in it.The bodies of the royalty are
stored here.
These are all coffins of the royal ones.They go
back hundreds of years.
This guy must have been a high king.
Church Spire.
This church is made from timber and covered with timber.
TV Tower.
This is a communications Tower.
You can get a lift to the top of it and see all
around the city
Phone Box.
This is a working Telephone kiosk
Parliament buildings.
You can see this Globe from many places in the city.
because it is huge.They use it for many things like concerts
and ice hockey.
The Vasa is a wooden ship that was recovered from the
bottom of the Baltic after 300 years.It only sailed for a
few minutes even though it was the most magnificent ship
of its time.It is now a museum,well worth a visit.
Hand Pump.
In this square there was a pump which had several
handels and spouts.
I wonder what happens to those guys when the winters
sets in.
Viking Ship.
You se all kinds of sea crafts here.
There is a statue to a blind poet.
Just like Rafterí.
There is water everywhere as the city is built
on 14 islands.
Muirsin Durcan Photo Archive