Tuar Mhic Eadhaigh

Tourmakeady Waterfall
The Waterfall is a great landmark in the
woods at Tourmakeady
Road to waterfall
On your way to the waterfall you walk along this road.
I hope the recent tree felling hasn't destroyed the
tunnel effect
Small lake
Just above the waterfall you see this little lake.
Tourmakeady Church
The graveyard is all around the church and
this ensures that it is always well kept.
Community Hall
There was many a great dance held here.

Lough Mask Inn
This is the first pub you encounter from the
Balinrobe side.

O'Toole's Pub
This pub is in the village.
Coláiste Mhuire
This convent was a famous boarding school.
When the nuns left it was turned into a
day school and is going strong.
Tí Phaddy
Just west of the village we find Paddy's Pub.
Máire Luke's
This was recently re-built from the ground up.
An Glann Beg
This picture was taken at Derrypark
Mám Treasna
You are looking at Derrypark,
Glann Beg and Mám Treasna here
Lóch na Fuchaigha
As you cross the mountain at Mám Treasna
you see Lóch na Fuchaigha
This is Finny.
Finny Church
When the Finny Church was refurbished the turrets were removed.
Muirsin Durcan Photo Archive