Tochar Walk

Togher Walk.
If you undertake the walk you must
obey the signs.
Ballintubber Abbey.
This where it all starts.
Horses and sheep.
These horses live close to Scrawny's back garden.
A lot of villages like to write
their name in stone.
Broken down mill.
I think is a disused mill because its on the
river in Killawalla.
Childrens graveyard.
This is Relig na bPáistí, which is on route.
Childrens graveyard.
Relig na bPáistí from another side.
Aille Caves.
At the Aille Caves the river goes under ground.
One time you could go into the caves but some time ago
the caves collapsed and it was no longer safe to enter them.
The Lake.
Along the road you see this lake.
We now arrive at Aghagower a very picturesque
Aghagower has its own Roundtower.
The tower from another side.
This is the Deacons Well in the village
This is the other well in the village.
The Old House.
This old historic cottage in Aughagower.
These are the ruined churches in Doon.
From here you go to Buckwaria and on to Lankhill
but I here people say "enough already!"
Croagh Patrick.
The end is in sight.
Croagh Patrick.
This is what its all about.
Muirsin Durcan Photo Archive