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.Re: Nine Irish Convicts

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Posted by An Seabhac on September 13, 2003 at 05:20:08:

In Reply to: Re: Nine Irish Convicts posted by Louie Killmartin(please) on September 13, 2003 at 00:09:32:

Dear Mr. KillMartin, I am not quite sure why you placed, "please" in brackets after your name. Do you mean perhaps, in the context of the subject matter, that the nine convicts said "Please your honour don't kill us if we promise to do a bettor job next time!?", or perhaps you simply meant, " Louie Killmartin on board if you please" or perhaps even in the extreme you were asking permission to come on board!?. In any event Mr. Killmartin wellcome on board, "The Castlebar Nostalgia Board". Let me take your 2nd. question 1st. "Where's the Hook?" How do you or anyone know that any of the nine convicts, do NOT have a relative or descendent, from, County Mayo, Or Castlebar. A Father or Mother, Grandfather or Grandmother, Brother, or Sister, 1st cousins, 2nd cousins, 16th cousins 40 times removed. It's an old standing anecdote, that: of one Irishman meeting another in a foreign land, "Oh your' from Ireland too!? "Yes I am Too" replied the 2nd Irishman, whereupon the 1st. asks, "Do you know Louie Killmartin?", Oh to be sure I do" replied the 2nd Irishman," Did'nt he marry Maggie Brown from Ballyhaunis in the County Mayo?............& 1st question:" What's it all got to do with Castlebar?" As ' md.' replies, "Nothing I just thought it was an interesting item!". Interesting md!? it was fascinating! Well done, more of the same!. You see, Mr Killmartin, please?. If I may be so bold to say, that we represent "The Wild Geese of Eire". Tracking down, Irishmen, and Women all over the world. Wherever they have fought, and wherever they have have farmed. Wherever they have built, and bred. "If your Irish come into the parlour, there's a wellcome there for you, if your name is, Timothy, or Pat, so long as you come from Ireland, there's a wellcome on the Mat!"........Some people might even go to further extreme's, Mr. Killmartin,to prove the fact, and pull down their pants, and exclaim SEE!, I told you, I was quarter Irish!. You are not merely JUST posting! on 'The Castlebar Nostalgia Board' , but thanks to the visionary foresight, of our ever vigilant "M" , and, ALL the brilliant contributions from 'Murrisk to Mee', from M.M. to md, from J.D.P. to U.T.P.. We have become I am proud to say, a global podium. Look up at the stars, the planets the galaxies and the constellations, they are all in motion and always have been. Is Mise Le Meas,' An Seabhac ins Speir.'

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