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Posted by JDP on March 02, 2001 at 09:42:36:

In Reply to: Re: IT WAS 21 YEARS AGO.... posted by UTP on March 01, 2001 at 13:50:24:

Great memories of that school yard scene UTP.
Bro. Richard was a right bully. He commandeered a portion of the yard, two concrete panels wide by the full length, exclusively for " his lads" and anyone transgressing the line was in danger of being clattered.
I remember another occasion when our teacher was absent from the classroom and needless to say there was some cacophony coming from sixty kids left alone. The door opened and Bro. Richard, whose class was next door bursts in- " who is singing here" he demanded from no one in particular of the now silenced class. Chris Kilcourse from McHale Rd., sitting in a front desk piped up " the crows brother" As we broke into a nervous laugh, which was instantly turned to silent fear, as Richard launched a full frontal assault on Chris. The quick , sharp, witty and innocent quip from Chris was the wrong answer for Richard.
The St. Geralds soccer incident was prior to 1970 - `69 I think. There was great excitement. Patsy Dunne from McHale Rd. had just joined the staff and was an enthuastic supporter of the team, which beat Summerhill College, Sligo in the Connaught final at Celtic park. However this was where Aloyisius stepped in. He blocked further participation in the competition alleging that the team had not received his seal of approval and the final was too close to the Leaving Cert which meant that " some of de boys might injure demselves" This was the reason he gave to my father, a passionate soccer man, after he confronted Aloyisius on the ban ( I was`nt a team member). The defeated Summerhill were given the title, went on to win the all Ireland title, and participate in the European Championship. What an honour this would have been for St. Gerald`s but for the smallmindedness of it`s principle.
Some of the players were Kieran (Leo) McHale ( chicago), Ber Brady, Alan Quinn, Frank(Boodah) Bourke?
Patsy Dunne emigrated to Canada shortly after that.
Some years prior to this ( Murrisk might recall), Paul D`Arcy of the National Bank, Ellison St., was expelled from St. Gerald`s for playing soccer for Castlebar Celtic. This made the News of The World. Paul went on to become a missionary Priest.
I have another story from 1970 which shows the hypocrisy of the school management at the time in relation to sport. Later.
Apologies to Bro. Al. if my spelling of his name is incorrect.

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