Re: Distant Irish speaking relatives

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Posted by Butch on June 02, 2001 at 05:20:55:

In Reply to: Re: Distant Irish speaking relatives posted by Phil Lynott on June 02, 2001 at 02:51:01:

Bad choice of words on my part , more to amuse than to shock,and to remind my suburban yahoo aquaintences that we ALL share this planet ,mind you the type of music these folk are used to is a tad more sedate. I hear Mr Lynott passed onwards recently. I heard him play in a Ballina hotel many moons ago,and the residents complained that the music was too loud!. Looking at your excellent snapshot I think of Jimi Hendrix,and am reminded of a conversation I overhead in 1976 between two AFROAMERICAN young men in a record store and the amazment of one when the other told him that "Jimi" was a "Brother" or was it the other way around? . One of the requirments for working at "Radio Shack" in The eighties and before ,the computer age, you had to write the name address and phone number of EVERY customer. I was retailing in Berkeley California at the time at store 5054 on Telegraph Ave in the heart of downtown Berekely and the vast majority of the Customers were dark complexioned and quite a few had Irish last names . So to the authors of the Article that did a fantastic job of describing the fate of the Irish in the COLONIES what about the converse I.E. Irish landowners in the american south during the arrival of NEGRO SLAVES from Africa. Was there a lot of intermarrying .Cross culture marrying is still a novel way of life in this our new supposedly sophisticated millenia as the continent of Africa is caught in a vice grip of a terrible plague called AIDS.

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