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Posted by UTP on July 21, 2001 at 21:53:22:

So you get to the hot seat and youre hoping that the questions will
fall your way and be on your favourite subjects.Supposing that they
were all about CASTLEBAR!!!!Fancy your chances.Srttle down for
What does the old town saying say is the best thing about Ballina
A The river Moy
B The water in the Moy
C The fish in the Moy
D The road to Cashelbar
What do our neighbours in Westport affectionately call us?
A Coveys
B Flatheads
C Fisheads
D The beautiful ones
Take your time
Who is interred on the Mall
A John Moore
B George Moore
C Bobby Moore
D Marilyn Monroe
Castlebar Mitchells are named in honour of
A Jim Mitchell
B George Mitchell
C John Mitchell
D Charles Mitchell
Going for
The County Library is named after
A Michael O Malley
B Ernie O Malley
C FrCharles O Malley
D Michael Davitt
Didnt need your lifelines yet
The motto of the Connaught Telegraph is
A Fear not the Just
B Just not in Fear
C Be very afraid
D Be just and fear not.
Do you need salt with that
The Pillars at the Courthouse are mad of
A Cast Iron
B Marble
C Cut Stone
D Concrete
Id have to ask the audience
Who wrote the book Marian House
A Michael Mullen
B Gerry Duignan
C Anne Chambers
D John Chambers
Easy when you know the answer
Where in town is Church Street
A Catholic Church
B Protestant Church
C St Marys Church
D Around the Graveyard.
That needs a friend
Who managed a soccer that beat Castlebar Celtic and went on to
manage ateam that beat Manchester United in Old Trafford
A Pat Quigley
B Frank oFarrell
C David O Leary
D Harry Rednapp
Not for the ladies
Which of these never played in the TF
A Corrs
B Mungo Jerry
C Meatloaf
D Status Quo
Which British Prime Minister played golf in Castlebar
A Clement Atlee
B Stanley Baldwin
C Tony Blair
D Harold Wilson
Ring Spiceloft
What Newspaper journalist described Castlebar as a town and people
with an inflated notion of themselves
A Jim Maguire/Western People
B Gene Kerrigan/Sunday Independent
C Eanna Brophy/Sunay Press
D Kevin Marron/Sunday World
Cheeky sod
As of July how many pubs in town are opened for 7 day business
A 38
B 41
C 44
D 47
Try that under pressure
Well who is this far.Last one for thinking about
Which member of the cast of "Are you Being Served" won the Castlebar
International Song Contest
A Mr James/Trevor Bannister
B Mr Spooner/Mike Berry
C The Nurse/Vivienne Johnstone
D Mr Graces Secretary/ Debbie Linden
And what a song it was (not)

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