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Connaught Journal
Printed and Published in Lower Cross-street by Barthw. O'FLAHERTY
Galway, Ireland
Thurs., 20 Feb 1840

We have the gratifications of announcine on authority, that on Sunday week
next, the 23 inst., the patriotic Barony of Kilmain will assemble to
proclaim its unadulterated devotion to the throne-and its resolution to
combine with the rest of Ireland in strenuous effort for the redress of
wrongs long endured, adn the attainment of rights too long withheld.
Kilmaine, every foremost in the cause of independence, will on this day
present a proud display of loyal hearts-and from the known talents o the
many distinguished friends who reside in the Barony, we anticipate a
delightful day.----Mayo Mercury.

We have under our consideration the subject of workhouses, as connected wit
the districts of Newport and Erris-and the contending claims of those
districts for preference in the location of the house. As far as we have
been enabled to judge, the arguments advanced are strongly in favor of
Erris-but we feel ourselves in justice bound to await further information
before we can pronounce a decided opinion. The observations and powerful
arguments of the Very Rev. Dean LYONS would seem almost to settle the
question-but should other parties be prepared to lay before the
Commissioners and the public statements and reasons for a preference in
Newport, we tender these parties the free use of our columns, as we do also
the advocates of Erris, and when all shall have been laid before us, then
shall we respectfully tender our opinion fueled on mature deliberation--and
based upon a calm but fixed view to public interests alone.----Mayo Mercury.

Summary of Prisoners for Trial at Spring Assizes 1840
Violent Assault...8
Appearing armed at night...3
Cow stealing...2
Horse stealing...2
Highway Robbery...1
Child Desertion...2
Sheep Stealing...1
Pig Stealing...1
Total up to the 12th inst...47

The extreme lightness of this Calendar, as compared with those presented at
Spring Assizes in former years, is truly gratifying-and bears testimony to
the general tranquility of the country. There certainly appears some charges
of the most serious character, but experience has proved that offences are
frequently presented at first under more aggravated character than on
enquiry they really deserved. That such will be the case at the ensuing
Assizes we anticipate.-But taking into consideration the great extent of the
county, and the length of time that has elapsed since last Assizes, the
state of the Calendar must be pronounced as gratifying.

We understand that Mr. Assistant Commissioner HANDCOCK arrived yesterday in
this town-on his route to establish the union of Swinford-and that he has
been in conference with Mr. A.C. BURKE who attends the Castlebar Board this
day.---Mayo Mercury

The Very Rev. Theobald MATHEW, the Apostle of Temperance, will preach the
Annual Charity Sermon in aid of the Presentation Convent Schools, in the
parochial chapel of St. Nicholas, on Sunday, the 15th March next, and on the
following Monday he will administer the Teetotal pledge in this town. We
trust such arrangements will be made as will serve safety and order, as we
apprehend that an overwhelming multitude will present themselves to take the

The CHICHESTER Revenue Cutter, commanded by Captain STEWART, anchored at
Kilkerran bay (Cunemara), received some injury from lightning on the 7th
inst., the Captain having narrowly escaped, but some of the crew received
very slight injury. The cutter had been there for the purpose of
co-operating with the Revenue Police under the command of Lieutenant
M'DERMOTT, at Outerard, for the suppression of illicit distillation, and
searched that coast and its many Islands, and we are happy to find there
existed no symptoms of any such traffic among the peasantry.

On Monday, the 17th instant, in the Collegiate Church of St Nicholas, by the
Very Rev., the Warden, Robert QUIN ALEXANDER of Garris Town, in the county
Dublin, Esq., to Gertrude Harriet, third daughter of John L. REILLY, of
Searvagh, in the county of Down, Esq.

Of Inflammation of the lungs, after three days illness, John ALLMAN, late
Captain of the 48th Regt., a magistrate of this county for many years,
during which period, in his judicial capacity, he was considered an honest
independent judge, he inveriably endeavoured to aid the poor, he has left a
widow and long family to deplore his loss. His remains were interred at the
family burial place Meelick.-His remains were met at Currenrue by all the
respectability of the neighboring county, together with vast crowds of the
neighbouring peasantry, who paid the last tribute to his respected memory.

The following prisoners are for trial at the next assizes:-Michael CONNEELY,
John SPELMAN, sheep stealing; Caroline BROWNE, stealing shoes; Robert BLAKE,
stealing shoes; Eliza MONAHAN, vagrancy.
Notwithstanding the few for trial at the Assizes, there are upwards of 75
prisoners in our Town Jaol, there were 40 cases for trial at our January
Quarter Sessions, the greater part for petty larceny.

Sheep stealing 9; cow stealing 4; assault 14; murder 10; perjury 1; larceny
5; robbery 5; rape 2; wool stealing 2; horse stealing; obtaining money under
false pretenses 2; vagrancy 1; total 58. For trial at Galway Assizes, up to
this date, 12th February, 1840.

...The collection after the Sermon amounted to close on Thirty Pounds,
including the following very liberal contributions, viz:-

Mrs. LYNCH, Black Rock...1 0 0
Richard M LYNCH...1 0 0
P.M. LYNCH...1 0 0
Charles LYNCH...1 0 0
Mark LYNCH...1 0 0
P. LYNCH, Clougher...1 0 0
Mr. M'DONNELL...1 0 0
Miss Anne GEOGHEGAN...1 0 0
Henry COMERFORD...1 0 0
Edmond FRENCH, Monivea...1 0 0
Lady FfRENCH...1 0 0

Gort, Feb. 14-Father MATHEW is in this town these two days past. He has
given the pledge to upwards of sixty thousand persons. He does not go to
Galway, but returned to Limerick this day. There is scarcely any person,
unless some old people, that have not taken the pledge.

Perhaps the annals of the world cannot produce a parallel to the following
gazette of Irish belligerency:-

FITZGIBBON, the Attorney General, afterwards Chancellor and Earl of Clonmel,
fought Lord Tyrawly about his wife, and the Earl of Llandaff about his
sister, and others, with sword and pistol, on miseillaneous subjects.

EGAN, Judge of the County of Dublin, fought the mast of the Rolls, BARRET,
and three others with the sword. EGAN was a humorist, and his duel with
BARRET was characteristic. On the combatants taking their ground BARRET,
thugh the challenger, immediately fired, and missing his antogonist, walked
away, coolly saying "EGAN, now my honour is satisfied." The Judge was not
however satisfied, called out, "Holton, stop, Roger, till I take a shot at
your honour." Roger returned, and with the same composure said, "Very well,
fire away," Jack EGAN presented,and seemed by his motions determined to
finish Roger; at length he cried out, "Pho, Pho, I won't honour you. I won't
be bothered shooting you. So now you may go to the ___your own way-or shake
hands, whichever you like best." The finale may be anticipated. The
circumstances took place on the celebrated ground at Donnybrook fair, and
some hundreds of amateurs were present.

The Right Honourable Isaac CORRY, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, fought
the Right Hon. Henry GRATTAN, a Privy Councillor, and leader of the
opposition. The Chancellor was hit.-he also fought two others.

MELGE (or MEIGE), Baron of the Exchequer, fought his brother in law, and two

Lord Norbury, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, fought Fire eater
FITZGERALD, and two others, muzzle to muzzle, and frightened Napper TANDY
and several besides. Napper was near being hanged for running away!

DUIGENAN, Judge of the Prerogative Court, Fellow and Tutor of Trinity
College, and the well known antagonist of the Popish claims, fought one
barrister, and came to the ground with another.

GRADY, the first counsel of the revenue, fought MAHER and CAMPBELL,
barristers, and others-very stout work.

CURRAN, first Master of the Rolls, fought Lord Buckinghamshire, Chief
Secretary, because he could not dismiss an obnoxious public officer.

HUTCHINSON, Provost of Trinity College, and a Privy Councillor, fought
DOYLE, a Master of Chancery, elder brother of the distinguished John DOYLE.

PATTERSON, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, fought three country
gentlemen, one of them with the sword, and wounded all of them.

It is with extreme regret that we have learned that the gentleman whose name
stands above is about to remove from this neighbourhood, and that another
district is to have the benefit of his services as an officer of the crown.
The necessity which existed for the residence of a Stipendary Magistrate in
Castlebar was generally felt and acknowledged.; and the manner in which Mr.
BARRON discharged the duties of that station reflected on himself and the
government infinite credit. Calm, impartial, and discriminating, he won for
the law the respect and confidence of the people, while he secured for
himself the esteem and regard of all classes.

The sufferings of the poor in the county of Clare from want of turf fuel,
caused by the late storms, is unequalled. The people, and children in
particular, have the appearance of death upon their faces--white with
streaks of blue. They meet by turns in each others cabins, and bring their
potatoes and pots, which are boiled on one fire in rotation, and by bundling
thus together they give themselves a little warmth on the mountains. Between
Shallee and Newport there are two cabins not far apart, each owner occupier
has a wife and large family; they last week came to the end of every
imaginable resource for firing; then, having decided the matter by lot, one
family moved to the others, and they are burning the abandoned cabin thatch,
rafters, &c to keep themselves alive. I could scarce believe this story at
first, but, from inquiries I have made myself in the neighbourhood, have no
doubt of its being true. What is worse the storms continue, accompanied with
violent thunder and lightning.

Antonio PEROCCHI, the Italian valet of Lord Clanricarde, out on bail, on a
charge of having robbed his master at St. Petersburg of a gold seal of great
value, was on Wednesday, again held to bail for another fortnight, at
Queen's-square Police-office, on a second charge of robbery, to give time to
the appearance of the witnesses in the case, who is now in America.

The Ardcloney estate, near O'Brien's bridge,county of Clare, was on Monday
last purchased in the Court of Chancery by Connell FITZGERALD, Esq.,
Limerick, for 4,500.

A Tithe Rebel-Extraordinary Case.-
At Dublin, in the Court of Exchequer, last Saturday, a poor old man named
Darby GILMORE, was brought up. Mr. BROOKE, Q.C., applied to have him
discharged from custody. He had been arrested under a writ of rebellion, for
non-payment of ththes claimed by the Marquis of Westmeath. The sum due was
just an attorney's fee, 6s. 8d. The costs before the bill was filed amounted
to 24! He had been arrested under the writ, and having rescued himself, was
bound over in his own recognizance to stand his trial at the assizes of
Westmeath. In the mean time he was arrested under the same writ of
rebellion, and brought to Dublin. Counsel applied for his discharge, on the
ground that the third arrest was illegal. Mr. BREWSTER, Q.C., opposed the
application. The Court directed the immediate discharge of the prisoner, and
the plaintiff undertook to strike him out of the bill without costs. So that
poor old Darby GILMORE has beaten Lord Westmeath hollow in this little tithe

Affair of Honour-
A young gentleman named NUTTAL, who resided in the county Wicklow, was
brought before the magistrates of College street by Mr. Inspector GERNOR,
charged with being about to fight a duel with another gentleman, named
GOODMAN. The circumstances of the case are as follows:-The gentlemen met at
a party in the county of Wicklow, and the conversation turning on the
comparative merits of the English and Irish people, Mr. NUTTAL took up "the
cudgel" in defence of the "Green Island," while Mr. GOODMAN (an Englishman)
espoused the cause of John BULLI***, and in no very unmeasured terms, abused
Ireland and the Irish, calling them by names not fit for ears polite, adding
that the people of this country were all a set of poltroons and cowards.
This was rather too much for any true Hibernian to bear; and to prove othe
folley of the assertion, Mr. NUTTAL challenged the traducer of this country
on the spot. The challenge was accepted, and the usual arrangements being
complete, the parties agreed to meet on Dalkey Island, where the difference
was to be settled only by one of the party falling. From information which
the magistrates received, they despatched the inspector, who succeeded in
arresting Mr. NUTTAL in Kingstown. The place of his antagonist was no where
to be found. The magistrates ordered Mr. NUTTAL to procure two securities in
the sum of 500l. each, before they would set him at liberty. The required
amount was produced in the course of a day, and he was then discharged.

We learn, from a Tuam correspondent, that the lady of ______BREW, Esq.,
Resident Magistrate there, became a convert from the Protestant church, and
was received into the "one fold" on the 10th of January, by his Grace, the
Most Rev. Doctor McHALE, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Tuam. Mrs. BREW was
the second convert received by his Grace since September 1839.

It is with extreme and unfeigned pleasure that we hear that the Rev. Mr.
McNAMARA has been appointed to the respectable curacy of Corrofin, he has
been succeeded in Kilmaine by the Rev. Mr. DWYER, from Claremorris----Tuam

The Right Rev. Dr. KENNEDY, Roman Catholic Bishop of Killaloe, has changed
his residence from Castleconnell to Deerpark, Newmarket-on-Fergus.

During a violent thunderstorm on Sunday the chapel of Athea, county
Limerick, was struck by the electric fluid. The damage done to that sacred
edifice was comparatively trifling; but we regret to hear it reported that
three persons were killed by the effects of the most awful visitation.

>From the 25th March Next
And Immediate Possession Given,
For Such Terms as May be Agreed On,
Or the Interest in the Lease Sold,
The House and Concerns in Lombard-Street, now occupied by Mr. A LOVELOCK,
with or without the Theatre, lately erected at an expense exceeding a
Thousand Pounds. Those Concerns are in good repair and most desirably
situated; they are very spacious and well adapted for an Hotel or Tavern, or
any business requiring room, particularly as the recent iimprovements in
Lombard-Street has rendered the Church Square one of the most pleasant and
central situations in Town. The Theatre is immediately to the rere of the
Dwelling House.
For particulars apply to Andrew LOVELOCK, Esq., at the Stanton Office, from
10 until 4 O'Clock.
Galway, February 13th, 1840.

The Interest in the Lease (consisting of Two good Lives,) of the Lands of
Caheravoneen, containing upwards of Six Hundred Acres, situate in the County
of Galway, within two miles of the Town of Kinvarra, a fast improving Sea
Port Town in which there is held a Weekly Market for the sale and
exportation of grain of every description, potatoes, &c., &c.-and within
five miles of Gort, also a good Market Town.
Those Lands are not held by good and solvent Yearly Tenants at a very low
rent per annum, their rents not having been raised on the expiration of
their leases, and yield even at the prestn low rent a profit rent of One
Hundred and Ten Pounds per annum.
For further particulars only, (if by letter post paid), to Maurice BLAKE,
Esq., Ball***ad, Ballyglass, and to Anthony BLAKE, Esq., Sr. G/Orane,
Galway, or Cloghmore, Kinvarra, who will show the lands.
Feb. 18th, 1840

>From the 1st Day of May Next.
For such number of Years or lives, and terms as may be agreed on.
The several denominations of the lands of BENMORE,
Situate within three miles of Loughrea, in the County of Galway,
Those Lands are so well and generally known, that they need no comment, they
contain choice Meadow, Pasture, and Tillage Land; and are admirably
calculated for Farmers of every description; ......[can't read a line]
Proposals to be received addressed to Valentine O'CONNOR BLAKE, Esq., Tower
Rd., Ballyglass, and Joseph BLAKE, Esq., St. Orans, Galway.
Galway, February 17th, 1840

Containing between Nine and Ten Irish Acres, situate within one mile and a
half of Galway, on the Circular and Dangan Road, and commanding a Beautiful
Extensive view both of the Bay and Lough Corrib.
For Particulars enquire of Mrs. LEONARD, Nun's Island, Galway.
February 20th, 1849.

Death By Drowing-A man named James HEANEY, was found drowned in a hog hole
on Sunday morning last, in the neighbourhood of Foxford. It appears he had
been at the fair of Swineford on the day previous, from which he was seen
returning at a late hour. The fact of his not reaching home that night, of
course, excited considerable fears among his friends; and on search being
made, he was found as above stated.---Ballina Advertiser.

The new episcopal Church contemplated in Dublin for the Rev. Mr. GREGG will
be called St. Judes.

The office of Surveyor of public works at Belfast is vacant by the death of
Mr. J. HASTINGS. Salary 100 guineas.

Daniel CRONIN, Esq., D.L. of The Park, Killarney, is likely to be created a
baronet on the occasios of the nuptial ceremony of her Majesty.

The Rev. Frederick CAVENDISH and Lady have arrived at Killala Castle, on a
visit to Walter J BOURKE, Esq, and lady. The Rev. gentleman is son to the
Hon. F. CAVENDISH and brother in law to Mr. BOURKE.

One distillery in Cork has 1600 puncheons of whiskey there in the Queen's
stores; and 340 whiskey shops have been closed all the consequence of Father
MATHEW's Temperance pledge.

An Inquest was held a few days ago at Ballyaluoge, in the parish of
Killoran, and barony of Clon*ac*oon in this county, by W. KENNY, Esq.,
Coroner, and a respectable jury, on view of the body of Thomas WHEALON of
said place, who was found dead in the open fields, occasioned by the
inclemency of the weather.-Verdict accordingly. The deceased was tenant to
Lord Clonbrock-Tuam Herald

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