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Re: all quite on the western front (part 2)

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Posted by Butch on June 12, 2003 at 10:05:44:

In Reply to: Re: all quite on the western front (part 2) posted by Jean on June 11, 2003 at 16:23:09:

Thanks M.M. for ever, for your continued motivation and patience. Your question, above, reveals personal anonymity on the board, as desired. I spotted my Brother right away as he used a family nickname. Confirmation was assured, when he kindly donated his e-ad to the human resources department!. I wear many masks @ Castlebar. ie ,for the craicanonimity at first; now,I use other voices and eyes. Galileo Galeli the 'Ever Watchfull' astronomer realised that if he did not present his thesis diplomatically the C.C. might have him lifted!. And so he was inspired. He used the heated conversation of three individuals, two of known excellence and one dim bulb!, to debate the pro's and con's of what moves around, or what dos'nt move at all. I use the names of two of these individuals hoping like Galileo to avoid "Contempt prior to investigation". If you publish the name of the 'third individual' you will recieve a 'Rubber Medal', with your name whitewashed backwords on it!! I don't mind telling youall this page will soon be in evidence lock up. - " Go Figure"- However I will reveal one mask for the craic ,as I would shed not a tear for it's exposure. "Morry O' Mortuary" Should one of yus 'Celtic Tigers' happen upon 'Old Morry', then I am bound now to describe the context in which that brief paragraph! was writen. The curtain rises; The hour was late, WAY past my bedtime as I arrived home "Three Sheets to the Wind" and got curious as to what it would be like........... I arrived on board (B.B.!). only to be reminded of the two postings I had read from the previous day that I considered innapropriate. Let me Quote a picture ; "Saving Private Ryan": The searchers for Ryan come upon a moving column. One of them finds a large bag of 'Dog tags, and as he proceeds to search for a tag named Ryan,using a tree stump to sort out all the tags! indifferently throwing down the flown souls,at the same time their Captain is questioning the moving column loudly if any one knows the Private, Ryan!. The attention of the column is drawn to the awfull disrespect being played out on the tree stump. The ever alert Captain( Schoolteacher!), quickly follows the 'dagger looks' from the foot soldiers, and quickly puts out the fire!. In our scenario, should you come upon Morry, you will find the postings in question, briefly above. The first one, refers to a Gentleman! from Castlebar, threating to kill a certain Gentleman from Westport!. Thankfully ,the 'Ever Vigiliant' EM'S quickly erased that BLACKboard!. The second offender showed a severe lack of descretion, as he posted the questions; who died in Castlebar that week, and where could he get a hold of 'Death Notices?!'. Now I realised that I had a responibility and therefore I recieved myself "Amnesty! .............ENTER "Morry O' Mortuary". Slan a Cairde ar an am seo, Is mise le mas, Seamas 'O De, fada.

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