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Re: What preservation Order

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Posted by Butch on July 05, 2003 at 04:53:21:

In Reply to: What preservation Order posted by zzzzzzzzzz on July 04, 2003 at 14:22:02:

I agree with "Sleepy" if indeed there was a 'Preservation order' it surely was academic, and never got off the drawing boards, therefore it sat there empty, untill the nicks and the nacks, the squatters, and the dopers, the alchies, and the wankers, found a home away from home. Defiling a house that was at once 'revered and feared!' . If your Mammy told you that Santa would not come
if you did not behave, and the 'Bro's would send you UP to the Nuns likewise. So the building deteriorated. As the floor boards went dry and split apart from their lack of nourishment of that famous wax. And became just wood, fodder for the fires of the addicts. As dampness set in. Wallpaper peeling off. Milldew and fungus growing where once icons of the spirit hung. The roofs gradually giving in to disrepair ,and the pounding rain that is the trademark of the west. Water leaking down thro the floors. Eaveshutts blocked with leaves in the fall and frozen in the winter and the water with nowwhere to go except thro every every nook and cranny made larger by dried up caulking,and No maintainence. Plaster becomes porous. Paint protection on the walls not seen a brush for twenty years!. Preservation my arse. and the non-paying residents burning the place down with vials of heat and destruction. The spirit of goodness being eroded inside and out. Do not look to the 'Chamber of Commerce' or The County Council' , but to ourselves , Thinking like we do: Oh I'm sure someone's got a handle on it!. What about my friend 'Skipper Mcgough', What 'Townie out there with bottle will pass a message to him on his daily sojurn in and out of town as his world and roof is begining to fall around him unable to prevent it. Tell him I love him . Tell him I'm coming home soon.Watch his eyes light up. Tell him to start pulling the weeds. To fill up the bucket with 'Jeyes Fluid' . Get out out the paint brush, the hammer and nails. Bring 'Pride!' to the surface and foster spirit in the heart not inthe liver!. And someday again tell him that we will sing his favourite song by Ray Charles ' Take these chains from my heart and set me free!'

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